Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Overpriced Supercar. This might seem to sound awkward but yeah some companies charge way too much for there so-called “limited” edition cars when all they are is just their standard car with a modified body kit. I can for Small manufacturers as they don’t have any image in the market to live up to but for big manufacturers, this isn’t something appreciable but this Italian manufacturer is still practicing this trick and in my opinion, it shouldn’t do this anymore, if you have still haven’t recognized it then you need to research more about cars. The Manufacturer I am talking about is Lamborghini their practice of launching so-called limited-edition supercars for which they charge an insane amount of money. There are numerous examples to give:-


The Lamborghini Reventon, some of you might not have even heard of it but here it is:-

Looks mean right? You would be expecting this to be an entirely new car but no, from the inside it is a Murcielago LP 640. Put together it is a Murcielago 640 with an external body kit that makes it look like a fighter jet, the same story is going in the interior, a slightly tweaked version of the Murcielago 640. The Reventon costs about 1.5 Million $, the reason the small of production numbers it had 20 to be precise, and 1 for the Lamborghini Museum. A Brand new Murcielago LP 640 cost about 3,60,000 $ when it was brand new, it means that Lamborghini charged 1.1 Million dollars more for a car that was essentially a Murcielago, all in the name of Exclusivity. Let’s move on to the next overpriced offering by Lamborghini:-


We have already discussed the Veneno in one of our previous posts, go check it out (

The Lamborghini Veneno, you might have heard or seen it in various videos, so here it is:-

Probably the wildest looking modern Lamborghini. The Veneno was produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini, quite a celebration it was and indeed there was a chance for Lamborghini to launch an overpriced car yet again. The Veneno had the same engine as the Aventador just with a bit more horsepower, but the performance numbers remained the same. The best part? Each of them sold for about 4.5 Million dollars each and that’s for the coupe, the roadster might cost even more. Reason for such a high price? EXCLUSIVITY My friends. 3 coupes and 9 roadsters were built for the special top of the line Lamborghini Customers. They now sell for, even more, it’s funny of many cars which probably cost 1/10th of the price of the Veneno can smoke it. Time for the latest overpriced Offering, be ready:-


That’s the name of this car, though this car sold for a much lesser amount than the Veneno, it isn’t a car that will be celebrated either. So ladies and Gentleman here I am offering you the next overpriced Aventador, the Centenario:-

The Centenario doesn’t even look good. From the front, it looks like it just smoked 5 kgs of Marijuana and the front splitter looks like a freaking cheese grater. The story goes the same for this car, an overpriced Aventador with a modified body kit and some increased performance numbers, that’s all this car is. Only 20 were ever built with a starting price of around 2.3 Million dollars, yes that’s the price, just another way of Lamborghini to extract money from its fellow customers.

And this is where the list ends, there are other special edition Lamborghini’s as well but they aren’t overpriced (in my opinion). I hope that in future Lamborghini makes less of Overpriced cars and more worth the price Supercars, even if they are special editions.

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