Hey you, what’s up, as you may already be knowing Lamborghini’s ritual of making special One-off Cars and selling them for absolute mental money. Some of them are worth it like the Sesto Elemento, but cars like the Reventon and the Veneno are just unnecessarily overpriced, despite their exclusivity, all they are is an Aventador with a different body kit and slightly more power. Today we are going to discuss a car that broke absolutely all records of insanity, Lamborghini made 5 coupes and 9 roadsters version of the Veneno and the coupe sold for almost 4.5 Million dollars, the roadster sold for even more money. Let’s check out why the Veneno is priced at 4.5 Million dollars.


Aggressiveness is the number one priority of Lamborghini while designing their cars, look at all their models, right from the Countach to the modern-day Aventador. Same goes for Veneno, the Veneno is just a more wildly looking version of the Aventador. It has larger intakes and a weird looking wedge-shaped silhouette which I don’t know for what reason. It all show and no go, you will get to know why I am saying that later in this post.

Engine & performance:-

The Veneno has the same 6.5 liter V12 from the Aventador with 750 Horsepower, torque remains the same as that of a standard Aventador, i.e. 507 Pound ft. or 690 Nm. Lamborghini claims that the Veneno will do 0 to 60 Mph in just 2.8 seconds which aren’t much of a difference over the Aventador, top speed as Lamborghini claims is 221 Mph, but Lamborghini has the chance of claiming anything here, because who will take their 4.5 Million dollar car to test its top speed while being in a different state of mental tension of crashing the car, no one right? From the feel of driving this car to the transmission, everything has been lifted from an Aventador.


The interior has been stripped out of all the material that has been provided in the standard Aventador and this is where the so-called “Difference” between the two cars starts to accentuate. The Veneno uses more carbon fiber, in places like the seat and the roof, and the use of Alcantara in the whole interior results in a total weight saving of around 35 Kgs over the standard Aventador. The design of the seats is more aggressive and of course, you get the Badge in the interior that along with saying Veneno signifies that you just paid 4.1 Million dollars extra for an Aventador with an uglier body kit, congratulations you have just been fooled by Lamborghini in the name of “Exclusivity”. Well played Lamborghini.


So as you might have noticed how I explained that the Lamborghini is so much overpriced than it actually should be. But, the point to be noticed is that these are just my personal opinions, I am not hating a brand or promoting it if I were to do that, I wouldn’t have praised their cars like the Huracan Performante and the Aventador SVJ and the Sesto Elemento wouldn’t be my dream track car. You may have your opinions and you may even love the Veneno, that’s perfectly fine, it’s just that I don’t see the point of paying 4.1 Million dollars extra over a car that has been essentially lifted from one of the company’s existing model. At the end of the day, it’s your hard-earned money, you decide where to put it and where not to.

That’s it for this time, hope you liked it.

Thank you


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