Remember the Lamborghini Reventon, yes the one that I discussed in the supremely overpriced list of cars Lamborghini has made. Today we are going to discuss the Reventon and find out if it is worth so much money just because it’s a low production car, we have gone over the Veneno ( and now it’s time for the Reventon, in the next post we will be going over the Centenario. So, the Reventon was launched in 2007 as a limited edition Supercar by Lamborghini at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Lamborghini marketed it as the top class supercar in their Line-up. They disclosed that the car would follow a limited-run production of just 21 units, 20 for customers, and 1 for the Lamborghini Museum itself. The Launch price for the car was 1.4 Million dollars, yes for the same price at that time you could have bought a Brand New Bugatti and we know it could smoke the Reventon all day long and the Veyron itself is a pretty exclusive car. Now let’s dive into the review:-


Described as the official “Fighter jet” launched by Lamborghini, the Reventon has been designed well, there is no doubting it. The Headlights are probably the most aggressive headlights I have ever seen on a road-going Lamborghini. The Vents in the front too are larger and have more aggressive angles than the standard Murcielago LP 640. The Design of the wheels looks wild. Due to the aggression, the Reventon seems like it sits even lower than the Murcielago, but no the stance is the same, just more aggressive. If you notice the taillights of the Reventon:-

They might remind you of the successor of the Murcielago, the Aventador, did you get my point? Leave the taillights, just look at the rear as a whole and then compare it to the Aventador, isn’t it almost the same.

What I am trying to say is that you should notice features like these in cars like the Reventon, they might be a signal to the design of the future model of that brand, and in this case, the Aventador looks the same from the rear just like the Reventon. Lamborghini might have accidentally teased the design of the Aventador through the Reventon.

Overall, I love the design of the Reventon, it does look like a Fighter Jet on the road.

Engine and Performance:-

This is where things get cheesy, the Reventon is not just derived from the Murcielago, and it’s essentially the same car underneath, the same engine. The same 6.5 Litre naturally aspirated V12 with 650 PS or 640 horsepower and 486 Pound ft. of torque. The torque is really good considering it’s not been forced-induced. Acceleration is 3.4 seconds to reach 60 Mph and the car will go on to a top speed of 211.25 Mph, in terms of Kmph that’s 340 Kmph.

Acceleration of the LP 640 is also the same at 3.4 seconds to 60 Mph and the same top speed.

But the Reventon is lighter, almost 200 kgs lighter than the Murcielago, reason being, the use of more and more carbon fiber in the car and Alcantara in the interior.

You should think about a car not just from its performance numbers but from its weight as well. The Reventon weighing almost 200 kg less than the Murcielago should instantly trigger your mind towards the handling of the car, lighter the car, the better it handles, the more fun it is. Also, better handling should direct your mind towards track performance so in this case, the Reventon is a better track performer than the Murcielago. Always keep this in your mind when comparing cars.


Think of the interior of the Reventon like this:-

If the interior of the Murcielago LP 640 is like an orange, the interior of the Reventon is like a peeled orange.

The unnecessary stuff from the interior of the Murcielago is gone. It’s the bare minimum you would need and that ensures is going to elevate the driving experience, how?

You should think about it this way, if the unnecessary stuff like the thick leather is gone from the interior, the insulation levels between the driver and the engine automatically get reduced which means the driver gets more of the V12 music in the Reventon than the Murcielago, thus elevating the driving experience.

That’s all for the interior, nothing more to talk about.


The Reventon is an improvement over the Murcielago in certain ways and it does perform better than the Standard car in some ways and yes it’s exclusive as well, but is it 2 million dollars better than the standard Murcielago, nope it isn’t. 2 million dollars for a slightly better looking Murcielago that performs well in certain areas and is pretty exclusive is an overkill.

You tell me in the comments section what you think.

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