So, Reventon has been discussed and the Veneno as you might remember has been discussed a long time ago as well but today it is the turn of the most recent “Exclusive” Lamborghini that Lamborghini made to extract money out of customers. The car is essentially an overpriced version of the Aventador. The car we are going to talk about the Lamborghini Centenario, yes the car in one of our previous posts where I broke down the exclusiveness of this car, go check it out ( ) and now let’s dive straight into the review.

Did you know that the name Centenario means Hundred in English, the Centenario was made to celebrate the 100th Birthday of its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini


Centenario, sounds Cool right? Yeah as much as cool the name sounds, the car is not so cool. Starting from the design before saying anything, I will let YOU decide how the Centenario looks in your opinion.

“Looks like a freaking Cheese grater high on drugs”, those were my wordings when I talked about the Centenario in the Overpriced Supercars post. I am not trying to be cool here or over exaggerating but that’s how I see the Centenario. I don’t like from the front at all, from the side, it is unmistakably Aventador, the wheel design is super cool and the rear is probably going to be my favorite part because of the “MOAD”, MOAD is an abbreviation I made myself, it stands for “Mother of all Diffusers”, want to know why? Have a look at it yourself.

Bonkers!!! It is. This is the largest rear diffuser I have seen on a car, leave road cars, even race cars don’t have such huge diffusers, I don’t know if they are 100 percent functional, the way they have been designed but one thing is for sure that they look Sick, especially in a bright color like yellow or orange, the Diffuser gets accentuated and adds to the character of the car.

Also, you would notice the Exposed rear tires, just the sheer width of those tires makes you stare at them in awe. The Triple exhaust looks sick as well but it could have been made sicker, none the less, I love the design of the rear of this car, out of all the special edition Lamborghinis (except the Sesto Elemento), I am sold on just the rear of this car.

Engine and Performance:-

Before anything else, you should look at the magnificent engine of the Centenario:-

Now here comes the problem, the same engine is in the Aventador producing 750 Horsepower and here the power output of the engine is increased to 795 Horsepower, a 45 Horsepower increase is nothing in supercars but the price increase here is 2 million dollars, yes you heard it right, 2 million dollars for a car that has almost the same engine as the Aventador with same performance figures but has an external modified body and exclusivity to its name which makes it a stupid decision to pay so much for this car.

0 to 60 Mph in 2.8 seconds and a 217 Mph top speed, yes the same spec as the Aventador, nothing much and Lamborghini calls Centenario a “Hypercar”, the funniest thing said by Lamborghini, a Porsche 918 that now costs around a million dollars can smoke the Centenario all day long, that’s what a Hypercar is.


Have a look:-

You have seen this interior somewhere else also right?......................... Aventador, the same interior with a little more Alcantara and a plaque which says Centenario, to remind you that you have just paid 2 million dollars for an Aventador with a modified Body just in the name of Exclusivity.


The Centenario is an overpriced Aventador and I have proved it above, the motive behind the making of this car is great, no doubt, the design is also wild and it has a V12 but paying 2 million dollars over the Standard Aventador for a car that’s almost the same is insane.

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