Remember the SVJ, yes the car we discussed a long time ago. It’s one of my favorite posts of all time. If you haven’t checked it out then go check it out ( Today we are going to discuss a very special car indeed, you may call it the special version of the SVJ, but it is a very special car. Only 63 have been made and it is probably the only road-legal limited edition Lamborghini I like, the best part of all? It’s not overpriced like other limited edition Lamborghinis like the Reventon, Veneno, or even the Centenario.

The car in the discussion today is the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 63, the limited edition of the SVJ. The 63 livery is a homage to the year Lamborghini was founded i.e. 1963. The car would certainly be priced above the Standard SVJ, and as we know the standard SVJ is over half a million dollars itself.

One more interesting thing is that one of these 63 cars has found its home in India. It feels good and proud to have a limited edition Lamborghini Supercar in India, just an indication that the Supercar culture in India is On Fire.

We have also other special edition supercars in India, we will talk about them too in our further posts.

That’s for this time guys, there isn’t anything more to talk about it, except the exclusivity and the thing that one of them has arrived in India.

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Before ending, here is a picture of the SVJ 63:-

And the SVJ 63 that has arrived in India:-

Image source: - Times of India

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