What's up, folks!!!!. This time we are going to discuss the elder Brother of the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, the Holy Grail of Supercars. The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. It's the latest and the most powerful iteration of one of the greatest Supercars successes, the Aventador line up. The Aventador was launched back in 2011, it changed the supercar market with a bang. It was so amazing to drive and so fast that no other supercar could match the Aventador. It even Won the Top Gear, car of the year in 2012. It came with a 6.5 Litre Naturally Aspirated V12 Engine, developing a whopping 700 Horsepower and about 650 Nm of torque. A 0 to 60 timing of 3 seconds and a top speed of 350kmh made it faster than the competition available at the time. Aventador became the Supercar standard of its time. Over the years it has received a few updates with the launch of its successors like the Aventador S and the Aventador SV, which is even wilder with its 749 Horsepower and 660 Nm and revised aerodynamics. But then last year Lamborghini Launched the Aventador Svj, the most extreme version. Starting from the design, it looks even sharper due to all the Aerodynamic Upgrades it has received. It has got a Massive Carbon Fibre wing in the back, which looks magnificent. Also, the exhaust Placement has been changed, gone is the low bottom Triple Pipe exhaust. Now we get dual titanium exhausts just like the Hurcan Performante. This New exhaust placement suits the car much better and to be honest the car sounds even more godly now. It's so Loud that it can force your Neighbors to file a complaint against you for piercing their eardrums in the morning[Unless your Neighbour's are Petrolheads themself ;) ]. The Car comes equipped with the 2nd Generation of ALA, which is Lamborghini's Clever aerodynamic system. First seen on the Huracan performante, the system works in balancing the Car's Drag Force and Downforce according to the way you want. Like, if you are on a Drag strip, the Car will automatically open the air vents on the engine cover to regulate the air coming from the front and would send it underneath the wing to minimize the Drag force and make the car faster in a straight line. The Car comes with a nose lift system, which helps in clearing all the speed breakers and the driveaways because the car is so low to the ground that without the lift system, you might end up obliterating your front splitter, which as we all can guess might not be the smartest mistake, cause the repairs on this car will be quite hefty, by judging the base price tag of this car which is more than half a million dollars. The four-wheel steering system is a welcome decision as it contributes to keeping the car stable at high speeds and improves the maneuverability of the car during lane changes and parking. The engine revs up to 8,700 Rpm. The upshifts and downshifts are spot on. One thing I never liked about the Aventador and I think most people will agree with me on this point, is the single clutch Transmission this car comes with. It doesn't respond well as the throttle input. It isn't Crap but the addition of a dual-clutch transmission to this car would make it so much better and would ultimately help it in winning drag races. That's the sole reason why Aventador loses to some of the less powerful cars in drag races even though it has the advantage of AWD and more power. Recently, Lamborghini lapped the Nurburgring in the SVJ and broke the Lap record held by the GT2 RS by 3 seconds. The lap time it did was 6:44.97. Moreover, I was quite surprised by the ride quality. Contrary to what I thought, it wasn't as stiff and harsh as I thought. The suspension system has been optimized to such a great extent that it adapts according to the road or track. In addition to the standard Lamborghini driving modes namely Strada(street), Sport and Corsa(Track) the SVJ has an Ego Mode which helps to customize the Powertrain, steering, and the suspension of the car according to your wish. My perfect combination in the Ego mode would be the Powertrain in Corsa, steering in sport and the suspension in Strada. The Footprint of this Car is humongous, it has 255 section tires up front and 355’s in the back, to give you all a context the rear tires on a Bugatti Chiron are 355’s, isn’t that ridiculous guys??. In this era, there is a new trend that has started to emerge in the Automobile industry. The Trend of cars with forced inductions. Most of the supercars that roll-off the production line today come with Turbos or superchargers. The number of Cars with Naturally aspirated engines has been decreasing exponentially. Lamborghini unveiled the sian a few days ago, it comes with a hybridized V12. This gives us all a hint about the future Lamborghini Lineup. The SVJ is probably the Last Naturally Aspirated V12 Lamborghini. The Lamborghini Huracan might be the better Car to buy over the Aventador as it is more tamed and a better car to live on everyday Basis. But we have to go back to history. Lamborghini always has been known for its V12 engines. Just have a look at the classic Lamborghini V12 Lineup, starting from the legendary Miura, the Diablo, the radical-looking Countach to the more recent Murcielago. Also, the Aventador was the car who got the 10-year-old me into cars, so I can say that I am quite emotionally attached to this car. Buy the SVJ if you want to be a part of the Naturally Aspirated V12 Cult. That's all Folks!!! Chao

Photo byToni ZaatonUnsplash

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