If you wanted to define the word "Insane". How would you define it?? In the context of Road cars. For me, it would be the Zyrus LP1200 Strada. It is a 1200 HP Lamborghini Huracan EVO Rwd that had its engine converted from the N.A. V10 to a Twin-Turbo V10, the Power has gone from 631 Bhp in its standard-setting to almost double in its Zyrus form. It's basically a track car that's been made road legal. On-road you can have 900 Hp available to exploit, as soon as you are on a track. With just one push of a button, you can take the HP numbers to 1200, and that will unleash all the Horses the Zyrus LP1200 packs.

Now when I saw the Zyrus for the first time, I thought of it as just another million-dollar cool car that has a lot of horsepowers to play with but I was wrong, it’s not a car that has been built for show-off, it’s a functional racecar that is legal on road to drive.

When you look at it, it doesn’t seem to be a road car in any way possible, with that big wing that is seen on competing race cars and it sits so low that it being road legal doesn’t make sense and yet it is, the makers of the car went through all the guidelines that are required for the car to be road legal and they made it in a way that it still feels like a racecar.

The attention that you will be getting in it will be surely more than what you get in your “average” Lamborghini Huracan, cause one doesn’t get to see a road-legal racecar on road every day, it’s a rare moment, the attention will be good but it can become bad at times. If I owned this thing, I would legit feel like a king when going to car meets.

All the extra stuff that you can see on the car, isn’t just for show, the curves, the gaps, the vents, the wing, the diffuser, the exhaust placement, everything is there for a purpose, they produce downforce on the car when going around a track.

Talking about downforce, the Zyrus lp1200 Strada makes over 2 tonnes of downforce when going at a speed of about 200 kmph, yes you read that right, 2010 kgs to be precise. I am sure that even at lower speeds, this will be a hoonigan to drive. After all, you have got 3 horsepower less than a McLaren p1 for the road. Can’t even imagine how wild it would be on a track.

At just 1427 kgs of weight, the Zyrus lp1200 Strada is not the lightest of the cars, but with the increased power and torque, it will surely improve its power to weight ratio.

There will be a smartphone app, through which you will be able to control all the options in the car.

The one thing that will be very interesting to see is how it will stack up against the official race cars that Lamborghini makes like the scv12 and their gt3 cars.

Lastly, it’s awesome to see that a company from a country like Norway, which isn’t known in the car world has come up with something so crazy, will be awesome to see them make more cars in the future.

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