A supercar from Sri Lanka…… How does that sound? Weird? Awkward? Surprised? I don’t blame you, I was too when I got to know about this. Why?

Because we have never seen the presence of Sri Lanka in many fields let alone in the automotive world, we have never seen them making electric scooters or even bikes, they haven’t even ever made a production car and even if they have done any of these things, not many people know about it, so it’s quite surprising to see such a high performance, high horsepower number car being made by a country who never had a name in this field before.

Now the name of the car is Vega EVX, of course as the name suggests it’s an EV, electric vehicle but it’s a supercar, a legit supercar with high-performance numbers, it has got 804 horsepower which is just to remind you, just 16 less than what the Aston Martin Vulcan produces, the torque figure hasn’t been revealed yet, but since it’s an electric supercar, I am assuming that the torque range is going to around 1500 Nm, talking about some of the performance numbers, the Vega EVX will do 0 to 100 kmph in just 3.5 seconds which is actually really fast.

To be honest, I expected a faster acceleration timing when I heard the horsepower number, but never mind, maybe that’s the way that the Vega EVX has been engineered.

Now if we just go over the design of the Vega EVX, we can clearly see from what perspective it has been built, it has been built from the perspective of a Hypercar though in the EV world it is clearly a supercar.

If we talk about the estimated top speed of the car, it is going to be around 236 Mph which in the electric car world is Hypercar worthy and the range is expected to be around 750 Kms which is more than enough for a car of this type which is mostly going to be a garage queen or might be used for some short meetups around the neighborhood, but if someone is crazy enough to drive this daily than they need not worry about the range, it’s good enough.

Now the idea of this originally came around the year 2013 and finally after almost 8 years of hard work and sheer dedication the company has finally revealed what they had been working on.

The company Vega innovations plan on bringing the EV to the roads by the year 2023, which is next year, it will be very interesting to see how they compete with other manufacturers and the thing which I am the most excited about is actually seeing it the production version, the concept sure does look cool but it’s not until you have a 100% working prototype or an actual production-ready vehicle that you can impress the buyers.

There is a very small market for these type of cars, just because only the rich of the rich can afford such cars but it might surely someday face the Vazirani shul, which is a proper Hypercar, it will be an interesting face-off between the two countries because both India and Sri Lanka have never been known for making high-performance cars and for both these countries to come out with their own supercar and Hypercars is something that the word never expected but here we are with the shul and the Vega EVX.

So, everyone that will be all for the Vega EVX for now because limited info is available on it as for now, I trust you liked this one, if you did then do share it with your friends and do consider subscribing to Motordrift for more such content in the future.

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