Updated: Jul 25, 2020

When We are Talking About the Adventure Motorcycles, There weren't Many Choices to Choose From but now it is the Fastest Growing Motorcycle Segment. The Newer and Upcoming Riders have their Interest Shift towards Adventure Motorcycles Rather than Sport Motorcycles. People Have Started To Discover that there Is more Fun on the Mud and Rocks than On the Tarmac. Adventure Motorcycles Vary, From Entry Level Adventure Bikes to High-End Adventure Bikes. But it's The Middleweight Category that's more famous and is selling the Highest. And one of the best Middleweight Adventure Tourer Motorcycles present out there is the Triumph Tiger 800 XCA, yes the British Manufacturer Triumph Which is famous for making Bikes Like the Daytona and Street Triple, does also makes Adventure Tourer Bikes. Now Let's talk about the Heart of the Machine. The Engine is a 3 Cylinder 800cc Engine which produces 95 Ps of power and 79 Nm of Torque. Which is decent as seen from an 800cc Engine. Plus it's an Adventure Tourer Bike so you don't Expect High Performance. Also, the Fuel Injection Helps in Regulating and Maintaining the Fuel Economy. When we see the Mileage Numbers they are around 20 Kmpl for the City and around 23 Kmpl for the Highway, which is very Good as seen from an 800cc engine. The Fuel Tank Has a Capacity of 19 Litres which Will certainly provide you with an Incredibly Long Range, so you can tour for a Very Long Period. Now When coming to the seat Comfort it's Like a Sofa. It's So Comfortable that you could tour Thousands of Kilometres on it and Still, you Won't Feel any Tiredness. Now When you see the Wheelbase of the tiger, It's 1.5 meters long!. But don't Think that this Motorcycle isn't Agile, it's Fairly Agile And Quick. When You see the Kerb Weight of this Motorcycle, it's 208 Kgs, which is Very Heavy but even after being so Heavy, this Motorcycle is fairly Flickable and Easy To handle. That Weight wouldn't Bother you anytime. Talking about the Pillion Comfort it's Actually on the Higher Side and in case you have a Pillion Rider they Will also be Equally Comfortable. The Gearbox Is perfectly fine and It has 6 Gears, you would rarely find any False Neutrals and the best part is that it works perfectly Smooth, there isn't any Clunkiness. Taking About the Brakes, they are Very good and Have that Initial Bite and Good Stopping power. They are Confidence Inspiring and Wouldn't make you feel that you would Fall off the Motorcycle. Performance is Good, the Bike has a very nice Pickup and has a Decent Acceleration, The Trellis frame and the tubular steel frame together make this Motorcycle a Tank. The Build Quality is Top Notch, no second thoughts on it. Suspension duties are being handled by the 43 mm WP upside Down Forks, upfront. They are Adjustable, and at the rear, the WP Monoshock performs well and is also Adjustable. The Suspension Setup is Fine and makes the Ride Quality Phenomenal on any type of terrain. The Tyres on the tiger, at the Front we get a 21 Inch,90 section tire up Front, and at the rear we get a 17 inch 150 section rear Tyre. and trust me these Tyres perform very well on any terrain and are a Perfect Combination All together. The Seat Height of this Motorcycle is 850mm which is quite high and maybe a Problem for Shorter Riders. I suggest that if your height is or above 5 feet 7 inches then you can Flatfoot this bike otherwise for Shorter Riders, I don't suggest this Bike. The Lighting units on this motorcycle are all LED. The Headlamp is Big and has a Stupendous Throw at Night, which will make Night Riding Easier. The Fog Light Provided Act and Perform their job Perfectly as well. The Taillight and the Indicators are Beautiful. The Windshield Does it's Job Pretty Well in Deflecting the WInd and is also Manually Adjustable. Now the Instrument Cluster of this Motorcycle is feature Loaded and Displays Everything which you can ask For. Now When you look at the Motorcycle, at First Glance you get the Motive Behind this Motorcycle. it was made with the Motive of Giving the Rider Full Riding Pleasure on the Trails as well as on the Tarmac. The Only problem that Became a Serious issue for me was the Heat that was coming over My legs from the Motorcycle. Whenever you are in Traffic, waiting for the light to turn Green. This Motorcycle heats up a lot during that time and It might Become a Serious Issue for Some Riders when they are in Traffic. They Might even want to get off the Motorcycle and wait standing till the Light Turns Green. Now When You Look at the Price and the Package you are being Offered, you Realise that You are Getting a Value For Money Proposal. This Bike At this Price Point is Amazing and the Package you are Getting is Unmatchable. From My Side this Motorcycle, the Triumph Tiger 800 is a Definite buy and a Big yes for Adventure Seekers who want to Ride the Path Less Trodden.

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