Do you know the story behind the magnificent Aston martin V12, yes, the very same engine that has gone into numerous Aston martin models and produces that amazing music?

Let me give you a hint of its origins, it came from a 4-door average affordable sedan created by ford in the ’90s, yeah you guessed it right, it came from the ford Mondeo’s v6

What ultimately happened is that some of these family saloons made their way to the land of the Britishers, being the curious folks they are, Aston martin got their hands on a few and started fiddling with it, after quite a lot of fiddling and applying some brains here and there, Aston martin figured it out, they ultimately knew what they had to do with that V6

They took 2 of those ford Mondeo engines, strapped them together, and born was the Aston martin v12 which is going to find its home in various Aston Martin models

Leave road cars, one of the wildest cars that Aston Martin has ever created the Vulcan has a 7.0 liter v12, and yes it is the very same v12 that been made by strapping in 2 ford Mondeo v6’s and let me remind you that’s a car which is rear-wheel drive has 820 horsepower at its command and produces enough downforce that it can fly upside down in theory.

Moreover, even after that much amount of downforce it still has the capability to do over 200 Mph without breaking a sweat.

Another V12 Aston Martin that I absolutely love is the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, especially the one with the 6-speed manual transmission why? Because it’s a car from the year I was born i.e. 2001 and it also happens to be one of the most affordable cars that have both a V12 and a manual gearbox, that’s what a petrolhead ultimately desires. If you really don’t believe me on this then go find another car with a naturally aspirated v12 with a manual transmission, won’t cost you less than a fortune.

If I have to talk about the Modern days, Aston Martin recently unveiled the Victor which is an 836 Horsepower monster with a 7.3 liter V12 combined with rear-wheel drive and a 6-speed manual, it’s a one-off car and as expected will cost you millions of dollars, I feel happy for the owner cause this might be the very best of Aston Martin before they go electric.

And Even when it comes to experimenting with forced induction, Aston Martin has been pretty successful, starting with their top of the line model the DBS Superleggera which has literally got mountains of torque is one of the most beautiful cars ever made by Aston Martin, that twin-turbo v12 is a gem!

The Aston Martin DB11 is yet another car that has a twin-turbo Aston v12 and it’s one of the most favorite cars in India, not only does it sound good, but it also turns more heads than any other normal Aston on the road!

In the end, my Dream Aston Martin is the Aston Martin one-77 not only it has that magnificent 7.3 liters Cosworth V12 but it also has the beauty that has never been seen before on a road-going Aston in the 21st Century, that’s the ultimate Aston martin money can buy, according to me!

I trust the Aston Martin V12 will long enough for the next generation to see and experience because boi o boi this is the best of British engineering and I want as many people as possible to experience this, if not in person then maybe through videos!

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