Hey everyone, we just completed 1000 subscribers on the Motordrift Youtube channel, and what a coincidence it got completed just a day before the 1st year anniversary of the channel.

So, to give you all some stats, we started with 3 subs on the 3rd of August 2020, these 3 subs were just 3 of my other accounts with which I had subscribed years ago just to have some fun.

That day would have just gone by and I probably would have never published a video on the channel, but I had challenged myself to publish a video somehow, the length doesn’t matter, the editing doesn’t matter, the background music or voiceover doesn’t matter as long the topic is cars.

So, I went on the internet and started downloading random GIFs related to cars, most of them were regarding cars drifting from one corner to another, so I downloaded about 10-20 GIFs, then I had no idea how to compile them, so I went on the internet searched up if there is an online video editor or anything of that sort and there was!

So, I compiled all these GIFs and added a logo of Motordrift at the end that one of my great friends had designed. Now it was looking very bland, so I searched up again regarding copyright-free background music. I found a website and chose the rock category of background music, listened to a couple of them, and then downloaded the one which sounded the best to me.

Now, the video was ready with the background music, but there was yet another problem. There was a watermark of the site on the video and I didn’t like that but since I wanted to give myself no excuses for not publishing a video on that day, I went ahead and downloaded that video with the watermark, thinking in my mind, “Fuck it, less than 5 people are going to watch this anyway”.

I published it and the rest is history, started printing scripts, doing PowerPoint videos, I kept my channel as a secret for a long time, I just didn’t want anybody to know about it, I thought that when the channel will be big and perfect then I will reveal it to everyone.

At starting I decided to publish 3 videos a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, my videos used to be just around 2 to 5 minutes so I was able to make one video a day but later on when I started to learn to edit, I started improving my videos and improving my videos meant giving them more time to edit and the more things I added, more the render time increased.

But still, I kept at it and by the 14th of September I had gotten my first 100 subscribers, that was a big moment because when I was starting out, channels with even as low as 22 Subs seemed to be big, but here I was from having subs in single digits to finally entering the triple digits.

By the end of the year, my focus went on to focus more on quality rather than quantity, I had done my part of rolling out loads of content in the first few months. In 2020, in just a span of 4 months, I had rolled out over 57 videos.

In 2021, I started uploading 2 videos a week, Tuesday and Friday. The load was less and it was all going pretty well till I took a pause and noticed where I was going with the channel, whether I was getting any results, or was I just striking arrows in dark, hoping one of them hits the bullseye.

It was good but there was more work to be done, so in March, I came to a realization that I can’t keep doing podcasts with my friends cause it’s not that valuable and eye-catchy. So, I started calling enthusiasts and people who have achieved something significant in the automotive industry.

Now as good as it is, calling these guests on the podcasts, there are some difficult parts to this as well and that is actually getting these amazing people on the podcast, it takes time, and to put up a podcast with a valuable guest was not easy, it took anywhere from a few days to a month to actually set up a meeting and record, so I did it for 2 months and at the end of April when I achieved 300 subscribers on the channel, I did a solo podcast in which I told that I will now be uploading 1 video a week and they will be quality ones and since then I have tried to do that.

I had a target of achieving 1000 subs before the 1st year anniversary of the channel, it was just a target that I had set for myself to see if I could actually achieve it or not, well I did and now I will focus on my site along with the channel.

So, thank you, everyone, for all the support that you have given till now, to the channel, to the podcast, and the site, we have got even bigger targets to achieve in the future so let’s start working upon that.

That will be all for this time guys, I trust you liked this one, if you did then do share it with your friends, tell them about Motordrift, and do subscribe to Motordrift for more such content in the future.

Till then


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