After the creation of the hypercar category in 2005 by the Bugatti Veyron, manufacturers are trying their hands on making a hypercar of their own. Koenigsegg now has shifted to just making hypercars but supercar manufacturers to mention a few, Ferrari. McLaren, Porsche, Lamborghini, and almost everyone is trying to make hypercars of their own. So in 2014, Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche decided to launch their first hypercars. Since they were all launched at the same point in time, the term Holy Trinity was coined for these cars. All of them had were the same but very different. From Ferrari we have the Laferrari which translates to “The Ferrari” in Italian, we do not doubt it. It features a 6.3-liter V12 engine and it’s assisted with an electric motor which pushes the engineering involved in the car to a whole new level. The design of the car is very polarizing, most people love it and some people don’t. I love it. Ferrari officials said that the Laferrari is the result of what Ferrari has learned from its founding days and we can all agree to that. It has Acceleration figures that have never been seen on a Ferrari before. The cost of the car as we all can guess is quite high, 3.2 Million dollars to be precise and it’s all justified because it’s the Halo car from Ferrari. Next up in our list is the McLaren P1, McLaren officials said that the P1 is the True successor to the Legendary McLaren F1…….But I don’t agree with that, that’s the topic of discussion for another post. The P1 features a Twin-turbo V8 engine and is assisted with an electric motor that results in its 0 to 60 Mph timing of 2.8 seconds. This car looks none the less than an Actual spaceship. In my opinion “If the spaceship were a car, it would be the McLaren P1”. The P1 boasts some of the most advanced technologies equipped in a Road going Car. It also features DRS or Drag reduction Technology, this feature comes into play when the car is going for its top speed. After the McLaren F1, the company took a hiatus from building road-going production cars, in 2012 they came back with the mp4 12 c and with the launch of the P1 in 2014, the world new that the Hiatus the company took was worth it. McLaren launched the car for 8, 50,000 Pounds. But today if you want to own a P1, prices are way beyond 2 million dollars, but the level of technology and engineering that this car pushes just explains why it costs that much. Now lastly we have the Porsche 918 Spyder from the Germans. In 2004, Porsche had launched the Carrera GT, the car which impacted the whole industry as it instantly became everyone’s favorite car due to its naturally aspirated V10 and the presence of a manual gearbox. It had been a decade since Porsche launched a car that revolutionized the industry, it was time for something new which would have a similar impact and thus came the 918 spyder, equipped with a V8 which is assisted by an electric motor that makes the car the fastest accelerating car of the Holy trinity. It’s visible that the design of the car has been inspired by the Carrera GT. The car is more comfortable as compared to the P1, but the fun it offers is on par with the P1, also you can remove the roof and enjoy an open-top experience. These cars are the embodiment of what these three manufacturers can offer and when we look at the technology and engineering that went into making them, we get the reason that why these cars are worth the money. That’s it for this time guys Thank you Ciao

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