Tesla has some of the best electric cars in the world, they aren’t the best because I feel there are manufacturers out there that makes better cars than tesla, not just in terms of design but as overall car, if I were to give an example of such manufacturers it would be Lucid, one of the best electric car manufacturers out there.

Anyways, as we all are seeing these, Tesla is planning to go more than the SEXY model line-up. There are not satisfied with the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and the Model Y.

Thus, they are launching the Tesla Roadster 2.0 very soon. We already have seen the magic that the first Tesla generation Roadster had on the world, it broke all the traditional norms people had regarding electric cars such as them being slow, less than useful range, very large recharging time, being not so good looking, and not comfortable, it did all of this that too at a relatively affordable price.

So the roadster is not just special it’s legendary because it’s all the first production car to be sent into space also the first tesla ever, the first-tesla roadster was delivered to Elon musk, that’s why the Roadster 2nd gen has got a huge name to live up to, which I trust it will because Tesla has been intelligent enough to engineer and market their previous products in a way that they don’t just survive, they thrive during the sales period.

Now, we all saw the teaser of the Roadster 2.0 years ago, when we got to see how fast it accelerated, it almost mustang mode for a few seconds but the driver was skilled enough to get control over the car at the right time.

So, we all knew that it would be the fastest tesla ever, but it will be not just fast, it will be the most comfortable and the most striking tesla made to date.

The acceleration figures that are claiming on it don’t make any sense at all, it will do 0 to 60mph in 1.9 seconds as standard, yes that’s the acceleration as standard and when you want things to go even wild then you have the SpaceX option.

Now you might be wondering what is this SpaceX option all about, how did it end up on a tesla, well both SpaceX and tesla are Elon's companies, so he decided to provide an ultra-high performance package on the roadster 2.0 and thought of giving it the name of SpaceX since they deal with such extreme things.

Now, when you get the SpaceX package, the roadster 2.0 is going to do 0 to 60mph in just 1.1 seconds, yes you read that right, 1.1 seconds, that’s 0.8 seconds down from the standard one, 0.8 seconds might not seem like much, but it’s a very significant difference, especially in this world of cars where even 0.01 seconds can make a whole lot of difference, and I won’t be surprised if this option costs a couple of thousand dollars, it’s the flexing point, so of course it will be expensive.

As of now, the top speed figures haven’t been revealed, but when the roadster 2.0 was teased for the first time, tesla revealed that it would have been a top speed in excess of 400 kmph, for an electric car? That’s f***ing insane, it’s not easy to do such speed in EVs.

It will be interesting to see all the specs of the Roadster when it finally comes out, stay tuned till then 😉

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