When the Tata Safari was discontinued, it was a sad moment for the Indian automotive community, the car that gave the adventurers, the wanderers, the wanderlusts a chance to explore any place on land known to man, it was the very car that many kids including me at the time thought of as their dream car, the car that had the road presence of a king, over the generations it evolved, when the Safari Dicor came out, the safari got even better and kind of made the safari the best SUV, we had witnessed on the Indian roads. The very car that showed us what an Indian SUV should be like was gone, but we all knew that it would be back someday, and it is back with a Bang!

It looks more modern than ever, more feature-loaded, and has still got that Massive SUV stance which made it the King of the Indian roads, inspired and built upon the same platform as the tried and tested Tata Harrier, the Safari is back to take on the Indian SUV market, it’s back to show what Tata is really capable of if they decide to become serious and go all in.

The Chrome studded tri-arrow front grille makes it looks more modern than there are the iconic roof rails with safari branding in case you decide to go on for some adventure.

Then the R18 Machine alloys, which make the safari look more visually appealing from the side.

The signature Twin light LED Tail lamp gives the Safari a bit of aggression on the rear. Taking the overall design into consideration, I can definitely say that it looks great and is definitely going to be turning heads on the road.

In the center, you get the floating 8.8-inch floating island infotainment system. The safari also comes with an electronic parking brake with auto hold. A 6-way powered seat to make adjusting easier and then the magical 6-speed automatic transmission to make the driving experience better.

That Magnificent 170 PS Kryotec engine has made its way into the Safari too. Being built upon the Omega ARC Platform, the safari is light in weight and efficient in design.

Since the safari is going to be experiencing Uphill and downhill conditions, the hill descent control will serve as a rescue button, there are multi-drive modes as well such as Eco-city and sport.

The audio system is being taken care of by the best in business, JBL. The brakes on all 4 wheels of the safari are disc, so you can expect some great breaking performance from the car.

There is a tire pressure monitoring system inside the safari which will be very helpful to all the drivers.

Driving the Safari on roads is all good, but the real testing of the safari will be when it’s taken off the road. Maybe in the mountains or in the jungles, wherever you would like to.

Now the Xenon HID projector headlamps with their stupendous light throw are going to make sure to lighten up your path ahead whenever you need them to.

Since the Driver and the Passenger are going to spending most of their time in the car, the seating should be good enough and the Signature white leather upholstery will just make your experience better.

When the all-new Safari was launched there were a lot of memes going around on the internet, that this Safari isn’t real because it can’t do the stuff that the old safari did in regards to off-roading but guess what the all-new safari despite being Front-wheel drive is as good if not better than the old Safari.

So, the legendary off-road ability isn’t lost, it’s still there. If I were to go for a Safari, I would probably take the Piano black exterior pack just because of how cool it looks and how much it stands out from the standard colors that are offered.

Also, when off-roading camouflage colors like these stand out. The majestic Skydome Sunroof takes the experience of driving and riding in the safari to another level.

Now the ESP terrain response modes give the driver the freedom to put the car in the suitable model according to the terrain, thus taking the versatility of the safari to the next level.

The tata harrier had a Boss water wading height of 450 mm, and if we take the same for the Safari, then we can conclude that the safari is capable of going to more than 90 percent of the places, which is so insane.

The safari is in a segment in which it won’t suffer competition from a lot of cars since the segment isn’t crowded but there are still some Cars that might affect the safari, like MG Hector Plus and the upcoming Mahindra XUV 500.

But the safari might have an edge over all of them because of it having a bigger brand name, ultimately, it’s on the consumers to buy, personally, I would go for the safari.

According to the test drivers who managed to get their hands on the safari, the Safari has a great ride quality, it sucks in all the ups and downs on the road, especially on the bumpy and the rough patches, also everyone is complementing tata on the beautiful combination of the engine and the transmission, it’s smooth and the upshifts and the downshifts are seamless and take very less effort.

One important thing for a car of this segment is to find a balance between being affordable while being premium and we have seen lots of manufacturers struggling with this over the years, but tata knows the code, and thus they have perfected the pricing of the Safari while making it premium, the interior, the fit and finish everything feels a step above from what they used to do.

Another challenge that the 7-seater SUVs of these segments struggle with is being sluggish. Since they are so huge in proportions and weight quite much, they usually end up feeling like slow-moving bricks on road? Well, the safari knows how to be a Macho SUV while being fast and the credit goes to that wonderful engine, which not only is powerful but has got a good amount of torque as well, which helps it in being quick on the road.

The one thing which you might be wondering is whether the Safari also suffers from Body roll like other 7-seater SUVs? Well, it requires clever engineering to setup an SUV in a way that it doesn’t suffer from body roll and the engineers of the safari have done just that, you will actually be surprised to not find any body-roll in an SUV of its proportions, but that’s just how the safari has been engineered, to break all the traditional norms.

The safari has always stood for 4 main things, Power, prestige, performance, and presence, the 4 Ps. Presence is something that only the design of a car can establish, so the impact 2.0 design philosophy is to be given the credit for the presence that the all-new safari has.

The Safari has been made to deliver the ultimate driving experience from tata. It’s been the Indian King of SUVs for more than 2 decades and it plans on continuing that legacy. The Safari is here to make sure of the fact that till it is present in the market, there is going to be no other king of SUVs, don’t doubt it.

Get ready to get your hands on one, cause it has already hit the roads and will annihilate everyone, that will try to compete with it.

So, everyone, that will be all for the Tata safari, I trust you liked this one, if you did then do share it with your friends and do consider subscribing to Motordrift for more such content in the future.

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