A Few Days ago, I received a Tragic News and that news left me in a state of Shock, no it wasn’t the loss of a family member. The News was that tata stopped the production of the Safari. Now I know after hearing this most of you would be thinking that I am overacting but no I am not.

Safari is not just any SUV, it’s an SUV that started the love for SUVs in me. As a child, I was always fascinated to own the safari one day but now Safari’s production has been stopped.

The Tata Safari was the ideal 7-seater SUV of its time, it was the best in the market for its price. The big brawny size of the safari coupled with those awesome looks also made the Safari a Head turner on the road.

It’s arch Rival the Mahindra Scorpio didn’t stand a chance and still doesn’t in front of the Safari, the smooth free-revving characteristic of the Safari engine was also one of the chief reasons why enthusiasts loved it and still do.

It’s the ultimate Baller SUV India made and watching it go is a very sad feeling. I still remember the time when I was a kid and I used to keep looking for Safari’s on the road, the Childhood me had more love and desire for a Safari than a Ferrari, can you even imagine that that kind of obsession with an SUV.

You guys would remember the Second-Generation Safari Dicor, that was my obsession back then and when tata came out with the latest generation Safari, the Safari Storme, things became even more interesting.

Safari was intended to be the go-anywhere SUV for every Indian that desired an adventurous vehicle, and the Safari performed its job so well that it earned a cult following which is more than any of the Indian cars on sale right now.

But like every other vehicle, the Safari had to also come at an endpoint and 2020 is the year the world witnessed the last brand-new Safari on sale. Tata was planning this for quite a long time and now they finally did it.

Safari came to life even before I was born and left the world when I finally became a grown man. After 22 years of faithful service, the Safari has said to us all goodbye.

Tata Motors says that the upcoming Tata Gravitas is going to replace the Safari. Well, all I can say is, Tata the Gravitas better be as good as the Safari cause the car it is replacing is Legendary and the Gravitas has to prove itself worthy enough to take the place of this legend.

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