What’s up Boys and Gals, I trust you all are doing well. Today, we are going to talk about the upcoming Tata Gravitas concept, if you remember correctly the concept that was unveiled by tata at the auto expo, tata said that in the future it would also launch a 7 seater version of the Gravitas concept, seems like we aren’t too far from seeing that concept turn into a reality.

The Tata Harrier is the 5 seater version of the Gravitas, and it went on sale in January 2019 and till now it has achieved quite a lot of success, in just 11 months, tata managed to sell 15,000 units of the Harrier and that’s an impressive feat on its own considering that the competition is strong and the Harrier being a New car in the market.

The last 7-seater tata that went on sale was the tata Hexa, but unfortunately, the Hexa didn’t get much success in the Indian market despite it being one of the best 7 seaters in the market.

Now, what can we expect from the Upcoming 7-seater version of the Harrier which is the Gravitas, first of all, we can expect a more powerful from the already powerful 167 Horsepower 2.0-liter Cryotec engine. Also, the Tata harrier only comes in diesel, but we can expect the Gravitas to come up with a Petrol too, as its arch-rival the Toyota Innova Crysta comes with both engine options petrol and diesel as well.

Coming to the price, we can expect a premium pricing of about 1 lakh over the standard harrier, though it can vary if tata decides to give some features in the standard variant and not just extend the wheelbase and add 2 seats.

The Harrier is a compact crossover SUV, so it can work with an fwd setup, but the Gravitas will most likely be getting an all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive system which is going to increase its capabilities as well.

There is a way in which the Gravitas can annihilate cars above its segment like the endeavor and that is by offering as many advanced features as tata can withing the price range, we can expect the gravitas to go on sale by January 2021, exactly 2 years after the harrier was launched, it will be interesting to see how well the gravitas will stack against the cars in that segment.

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