In 1998, the Mclaren F1 set the world record for the world's fastest car, the McLaren F1 that broke the world record was driven by none other than the legendary driver Sir Andy Wallace. The Car that he drove had a modified rev limiter and the top speed recorded on the GPS was 391 Kmph, just 9 Kmph shy of the humongous 400 Kmph mark, but there it was the top speed that shook the world at that time. The McLaren has been repeatedly set to be the best car ever made in the world and I don't doubt that. The car has a naturally aspirated BMW V12 engine, no power steering, no creature comforts and one of the coolest quirks of the F1 is its center driving position layout, which honestly feels like you are in control of a fighter jet. It's the last analog supercar that the world experienced, the car was designed by the famous South African designer Gordan Murray. He has designed numerous other cars as well, but the McLaren F1 still remains to be his most successful creation ever. In an attempt to revive the analog supercar world, Gordan Murray has yet again set on a journey to build an Analog supercar for the modern world. Some of the things that he revealed about the Car in the press were that the Name of the Car is going to be T-50, a mark to celebrate Gordan Murray's 50 years in designing cars. He said that the T-50 will be the First truly successful successor to the F1, also he mentioned that McLaren with the speedtail had almost done it and he was about the stop the T-50 program, but when the Speedtail came out, he was disappointed and thus he continued to work upon the T-50. Since the car is a tribute to the F1, the design would be timeless and will be made with purity. The interior will be almost a screen-free zone. The engine in the T-50 is a 4.0 liter V12, 3.99 to be precise as Gordan wanted it to be under 4 liters due to weight considerations. The V12 engine in the car is going to rev high and fast at the same time, 12,000 Rpm in 0.3 seconds to be precise. The car will have power steering but only at low speeds, so as to provide maximum driver engagement. The car is going to be much comfier than what people are anticipating. It would have a lower top speed than the F1, cause this time it's not about breaking any world record. It won't have carbon wheels as they are too fragile for the road. Since the estimated weight of the car is 980 kgs and it won't have crazy downforce kits over it, the tires used are reasonable, they are just the adequate size for the T-50. These are just some of the things that have been revealed to us by Sir Gordan Murray himself. There are going to be 100 hundred versions and 25 track versions of the T-50 and they all are almost sold. Let's see what this car will bring when it finally makes it into production, at the moment the T-50 seems pretty intriguing.

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