Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Today's Discussion is special, cause the Motorcycle we are going to talk about is Special, it's the MT-15, a small 150cc naked Motorcycle which has the best design than all of its Other Naked Competitors. Its Design has been Derived from it's elder Sibling, the Yamaha MT-09, and that Design is truly a Huge Attraction Seeker, Kudos to Yamaha for Such a wonderful Design. Now coming to the heart of the machine, it's a 150cc, Single-Cylinder engine that Pumps out 19.3 Horses and 14.7 Nm of Torque. The Performance is Very Good, it can even Outperform some 200cc Motorcycles out there in the market! Low-end Punch is Very nice and this Results in a Fast Acceleration, the Mid end Punch is also Quite Good, and thus this Motorcycle is very Good in the city. The Top End isn't that great, but this Motorcycle was not Designed for High Speeds. If you want High Speed then Buy the R15 V3, which is the Fully faired Version of the MT-15. In the Acceleration, the MT-15 is Significantly faster than the R15 V3, but in the top speed department, the Fairing on the R15 V3 helps it to Achieve a Higher Top Speed. Talking about the Seating Position, you sit Upright and the Footpegs are Centre Set, it is not as committed as the R15 V3, thus Resulting in a Comfortable Seating Posture. The Seat Padding Isn't that Great, it's Decent and will take some time for getting Used to. Overall the seat is Not much Comfortable, the same applies to the Pillion seat. The Headlights comprises two Units, the LED Drl's and the Projector Beam, together they give the Menacing Look of a Devil. But they don't function as Good as they Look. The throw of the Light isn't Good, the Low Beam works Okay, but the High beam is not Good. The Taillight is also a LED unit and looks Good, the Indicators are also LEDs, Lots Of Cost-cutting has been Done by Yamaha And it can be seen. The Motorcycle comes equipped with Slipper Clutch Plus the Gearbox is Smooth, which Results In Quick Upshifts and Downshifts. The Motorcycle also Comes with Fuel Injection resulting in a better fuel economy, also the Mileage is around 40kmpl but the Tank Capacity is Only 10 Litres, so you can Expect a Decent Range. The Seat Height at 810mm is Good for all Sort of riders, it won't be an issue for any Rider unless someone is very Short. The Ground Clearance at 155mm is Good for Handling all types Of Speed Bumps. This Motorcycle has a Short Wheelbase, which makes it much more agile than the R15 in the low end. During our tests, we found that it's the best City Friendly Motorcycle we have ever ridden, so Light and Flickable in the City Traffic. It's Good for touring as well, but the seat Comfort Might become an Issue for some riders. The Swingarm on this Motorcycle is a Normal Box Section Swingarm which is not expected from Yamaha at this Price point. We expected an aluminum Swingarm, the same as the R15. The Tyres Perform well on the road and as well as on the Highways. The Suspension Duties are Being handled by Telescopic Forks Up Front and a Monoshock at the Back. The Ride Quality is not Soft, it's on the Stiffer Side, same as the R15, but you can adjust it for a softer ride. Talking about the Instrument Cluster, it's pretty basic. It's an All digital Unit that Gives you all the Necessary Information Needed. The Braking Duties are Being handled by a 280mm disc upfront and a 220mm disc at the rear. The Brakes perform their duty well and are Confidence Inspiring. Further cost-cutting by Yamaha can be seen in the form of Single-Channel Abs, at this Price point which is so close to R15, Yamaha has given Single channel ABS, this is kinda Sad. Finally, I think that the Motorcycle is a wonderful Package Overall, but for the Cost-cutting that Yamaha has done, I am not Impressed Enough to buy this Motorcycle. The Motorcycle is Overpriced For sure and I don't think it is a smart decision to buy this motorcycle unless Yamaha Lowers the Price or Gives the Necessary things that are missing at this price point.

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