Updated: May 23, 2020

The formula to build an ultimate sports car is to make it as light as possible, give it light yet powerful engine overall it should be fun to drive the car and most important of all it should be small at the same time. A Mazda Miata is the perfect example of a sports car. At just 1068kg it's very light. It doesn't have huge horsepower numbers but 181Hp is enough if you want to have fun, moreover, it's RWD and thus even more fun to drive. You can push this car to the limit and it won't break a sweat. The 4 cylinder engine packs a whole lot of a punch for its size. It glides into corners much like a Go-kart. It's the best sports car in 30,000$. If you happen to be someone with even more money then Lotus is here to help you. Lotus is famous worldwide for making some of the best driver's car in the world, and all of the models in their range can be optioned with a gated manual gearbox. The elise and the Evora have been the star of their line-up. Currently, Lotus is the only manufacturer in the world that makes the best sports car in the world. Lotus is also trying to enter the EV industry with their 2000 horsepower Evija, we will discuss it some other day in some other post. If we move on to the germans, we have Porsche making a car that strikes the perfect balance between a sports car and an exotic car. The Porsche cayman has been one of the most successful sports car line-ups across the globe. The cayman is a well-proven example of what Porsche can do even if they are on a tight budget. Lastly, if you are a tuner kind of person, Toyota, Subaru and scion have got your back.......well not exactly the 86, the BRZ and the FRS are all same cars just with different brand names. The best thing about these cars is the tuning potential they have in them. The internal parts of these cars are strong that with a slight upgrade of exhaust and an upgraded ECU, we can get upwards of 100 Horsepower over the already healthy 205 hp. Also, the aftermarket support for these cars is great, parts are affordable and can be found nearly everywhere. Sports cars are the ignored segment of the car world nowadays. They don't get the attention and respect they deserve. We are so busy talking about Ferrari's and Lambo's that we forget about their younger siblings. Sports cars are the way to go if you want to build a project car. Car enthusiasts around the world have been building sick project cars, some of them can even smoke a supercar.

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