Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Indian 2 wheeler Manufacturers are doing very good in the commuter motorcycle segment with the Splendor and the Discover but what about the Performance Motorcycles, from bajaj we already did had the Pulsar 220 as their Flagship Performance Motorcycle. But it had started to become Old, so bajaj thought of raising the Bar by raising the Bar and thus Launched the Pulsar RS 200. The Fastest Pulsar Yet. The Pulsar Lineup is Legendary, it started the Line of performance Motorcycles in India and now with the RS 200, it has become even more fun. The Pulsar RS 200's design Might Look Overdone to some people, as it has too many curves and lots of stickering, but personally, it looks Phenomenal and is a Treat to Eyes if someone carefully watches it. RS stands for Race Sports The Motorcycle is fully Packed with Performance, 200cc Single Cylinder Engine that Produces 24.5 Horses, and 18.6 Nm. Which is Superb as seen for a 200cc Engine. The Motorcycle gets twin Projector Headlamps Upfront which Gives this Motorcycle the Look of a Devil and those LEDs strip over the Projector Headlamps complete the Look like it's an eyebrow. The Taillight is also an LED unit, as well as the Indicators. The Instrument Cluster is an Analog Digital Unit and Looks, Rad. I Love Analog Tachometers and thus I love this Motorcycle even if it doesn't have Fully Digital Instrument Cluster. The Instrument Cluster is Loaded with Information and shows all the Necessary information Needed. Only one problem with the Instrument Cluster is that it doesn't have a Gear Position Indicator which Might not be a problem for Experienced Riders but can become a Problem for Newer Riders. Well, I suggest you buy and Connect an Aftermarket Gear Position Indicator if you are Buying this Bike. The Motorcycle comes with Fuel Injection So fuel Economy Is maintained Well. Also, The tank has a Nice capacity for Holding up to 13 Litres of Fuel and the motorcycle can give an Awesome Mileage of around 35 to 40 Kmpl. And thus you can expect a Nice Tank Range. This brings me to my Next point that How much Versatile this Motorcycle is, You can do City Commutes on this Motorcycle, you could do touring and you can do Occasional Trackdays As well. This Motorcycle is a Wonderful performer in all Areas. The Motorcycle is Heavy for its segment at 164 Kgs but with the Awesome Tuned suspension and Comfortable Riding Position, you won't feel that weight. So now the Riding Position on this Motorcycle is Supremely Comfortable. It's a sports Tourer. The Pillion seat is not that Comfortable and the Pillion also not have confidence in holding the space provided in the Rear seat as there are no Grab rails to hold on. But in the end, it's the riders Seat Comfort that matters More. The Tyres on this Motorcycle are superb and provide an awesome grip on the Road. You get 17-inch wheels both at the front and rear. The front is a 100 section tire and the Rear is a 130 section Tyre. Talking about the Braking On this Motorcycle we get a 300mm disc up front and a 230mm Disc up the rear. The Brakes have amazing Stopping Power and you feel the Initial Bite on applying brakes that Inspires Confidence in you. unfortunately, We get a single Channel ABS and it works fine. The Build Quality of this Motorcycle is very Good. It's made up of a Perimeter Frame which makes the Motorcycle Sturdy. The Suspension Duties are being handled by Telescopic Forks Upfront and the Rear is being handled by a Gas Charged Monoshock and the best part is that's it's Adjustable. The Saddle Height of this Motorcycle is 800mm which is suitable and friendly for riders with all sorts of height. The Motorcycle has a Short wheelbase which makes this Motorcycle quite Agile. The Performance is Punchy, the Low end Is decent but this Motorcycle comes into Life after 6000 Rpm and pulls up to its redline at 10,500 rpm. 0 to 100 Takes around 9 secs which is pretty good for a 200cc Motorcycle. The Gearbox on this Motorcycle is quite Good and you won't find any False Neutrals on this Motorcycle. You could do perfect Clutchless Shifts with No problem. The Main Delight on this Motorcycle is the Exhaust Note. It's baasy and is purely Eargasmic. You won't find a Need to Replace the Stock Exhaust on this Motorcycle. The Reliability of this Motorcycle is Bulletproof as it's a Bajaj Product. This Motorcycle is a wonderful all-rounder package and I don't find anything that stops it from being a Value for Money Motorcycle. Talking about the Competitors, there is the R15 V3 and the MT-15, the MT-15 is an overpriced Motorcycle and the R15 with's its Aggressive Riding Position and Stiff Suspension stops it from being a Versatile Motorcycle also the R15 has a Very Poor Built Quality. So the R15 V3 isn't a Value For Money Package. Thus It's a Better Decision to Buy the Pulsar RS 200.

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