Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Let's have a Discussion on the Naked Motorcycle Segment of Kawasaki Motorcycles, and that too about their Flagship Naked Motorcycle the Kawasaki Z900. Why did Kawasaki have to launch a 948cc Motorcycle when Z800 and Z1000 were already Present. Now let's talk about the past. The Z800 was an Absolute Success because it was so much value for money for Its Price, but then there was the Z1000, which was not meeting even a Fraction of their Expected sales figures because of its high price tag, so Kawasaki decided to discontinue both the Z800 and the Z1000 and thought of Launching a Product which would Strike a Perfect Balance between the Z800 and the Z1000, and thus Kawasaki launched the Z900, which has an Inline 4,948cc engine, this engine was made by Detuning the Engine of the Z1000, so it had In total 125Hp to play with and 98 Nm of Torque. The performance was more than the Z800 but less than the Z1000. But this Motorcycle soon became a Big Hit! and Kawasaki knew that Their Arrow hit the Right Target. The motorcycle sold in Huge numbers, because of the Value for Money Package, people were Getting, so much performance at such an affordable price. The Z900 has the comfort of the Z800 and the Aggression of the Z1000 so the Fun Factor is very High. Let's Come to the Design, It's Scintillating, Those Curves and Muscular Stance just Steal Your Heart and Eyes at the First Glance. The Metallic Spark Black Colour Looks phenomenal on this Motorcycle, it would Certainly Remind you of the Ninja H2, and that's why I like to call this Motorcycle " NAKED H2". The Trellis Frame is Very Solid and Holds the Motorcycle in Balance. The stock Exhaust Design is very Stubby and Beefy, and perfectly suits the Character of this Motorcycle. The stock Exhaust note sounds quite good . The Front and the Rear tires are massive and Add to the Muscular Look of this Motorcycle. The Headlamp, Taillights, and Indicators all are LED units and provide a Very Good throw At Night and also Provide Visibility to others Around you. The Gearbox is Perfect, Clutchless Shifts Are No problemo. You can Do this All day long. The Braking is Progressive and Inspires Confidence in you, At the Front, we have Dual 310mm Discs and at the Rear is a 260mm Disc this setup works perfectly fine and you can rely on these Brakes, eyes Closed! It performed very well in our Braking Test. The Acceleration is very Quick, 0 to 60Mph takes 3.7 Seconds and the Top speed Is around 260kmph. The Biggest improvement this Motorcycle has Over the Z800 is the Weight, the Z900 is in total 21 Kgs Lighter than the Z800, which improves the Handling and Flickableity of this Motorcycle. The Claimed Mileage of this Motorcycle is 23kmpl and we did get 20kmpl of mileage during Highway Test and 16 km in City. Also, the Fuel tank has a Good Capacity of 17 Litres, so we can expect a Decent tank range from this Motorcycle, which makes this motorcycle a Good tourer as well. The Seat height is 795mm, so no problem for the rider of any Height, shorter riders wouldn't face any difficulty on this motorcycle. The Suspension Duties are Being Handled By 41mm inverted forks up front and a mono-shock at the rear. The Suspension is adjustable at the Back and it comes in Soft Setting as default from the Factory. This Motorcycle doesn't come with any electricals, except ABS, so this Bike is Pure Raw Fun Package. The weight of this motorcycle is 210 Kgs, it isn't light but its the Lightest among all its Competitors in its Price Range. Now seeing the Competition, there is only the Suzuki Gsx 750s that give a Tough Competition to this Motorcycle. The Gsx 750s has quite an advantage over the Z900, the electronics. It has Traction Control and Riding Modes. But the Kawasaki Z900 Smashes the Gsx 750s, in all other terms, so if you want a More Value for money package and More fun than the Z900 is the right Motorcycle but if you are a loyal Suzuki customer or a fan of Electronic Rider aids then the Gsx 750s is the right Motorcycle for you. I would Buy the Z900 over the Gsx 750s. And it's my Dream Naked Motorcycle. Well According to me, if a newbie is looking for a Big Motorcycle, then in all the options Available the Z900 is the most value for money package and it won't scare the Rider Either. So, just Buy it Eyes Closed! You won't be disappointed. 📷📷


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