Updated: Jul 25, 2020

If you want to Pursue a Career in Motorcycle racing, then you need to Join a Good School but what if you can't afford to join a school but still want to Achieve your Dream, in that case, you need to start practicing on a Track Bike, but when we look into the Market there are not many Motorcycles that are affordable and Perfect Track bikes as well. So here comes Yamaha with their Yamaha R15 V3 to fill the needs of Beginner Track riders. The main USP of this Motorcycle is its Design, and we all have to agree that it's beautiful and the design Reflects the R DNA that this bike has Derived from it's Elder Siblings like the R6 and the R1. The next Good thing about this motorcycle is the Performance, the Engine on this Motorcycle is a 155cc single-cylinder that produces 19.2 Bhp of power and 14.7 Nm of Torque which is very good as seen for a 155cc Engine. Also, this engine is a Liquid Cooled engine, so the engine Stays Healthy and Cool for Long. The Fuel Injection and the VVA, i.e. the variable valve Actuation Works well in Regulating and Maintaining the Fuel Economy. Talking About the Fuel Economy, the Claimed Mileage of this Bike is 48kmpl, which ain't Fully Truth, the Real-time Mileage is around 40kmpl which is Awesome and with the 11 liter Tank, this Motorcycle should Provide a Decent Tank range. The Brakes Perform well both at the Front and the Back, they have a Good Stopping Power there is the Initial Bite when you apply them. Also Combined with the Dual Channel ABS present on this Motorcycle as Standard, the Braking Becomes Much Better and Safer. Now when we Look at the other Design Elements, such as the Fully Digital Instrument Cluster and The Clip-on Handlebars, they are well Finished. The Instrument Cluster is Fully Loaded with Tech. and will provide you all the necessary information that you need. The Windshield Provided at the Front, does the Job well in deflecting the Wind away From the Rider. The Clip-on Handlebars are Low set which Results In an Aggressive Riding Position, which is what you need on a Track. Talking about the Seating Comfort, the Comfort is good for Doing City Commuting and Track Days, but surely Not for touring. Your Back will Break and you would get Cramps if you aren't used to such Aggressive Riding Position. Same Goes for the Pillion Rider, the Pillion will be perfectly fine for short City Commutes but Not For anything Longer than that. Talking about the Lights, All the Lights, be it the Headlight, taillight, or Indicators all are LED units. I like the design of the Lights on this Motorcycle, but the downside of the Light is that It doesn't have a Good throw at Night and Might Become an Issue while Riding in the Night. The Stock Tyres provided on this Motorcycle are good, and Provide you a Good Grip on the Road. The front and the Rear are 17-inch alloy wheels, the front is a 100 section and the Rear is a 140 section tire. The Suspension Duties are Handled by the Upside Down Forks Upfront and a Monoshock Suspension at the rear. The Suspension is soft, to keep the Ride Comfortable for City Rides. Now let's Come to the Final Points that we didn't Like in this Motorcycle. First, is the Aggressive riding Position. the Riding position could have been a Little bit upright and then this Motorcycle would have been a Perfect Allrounder Motorcycle, Just like the Apache RR 310( Very Balanced seating Position). Next is the Poor Quality of the Plastics on this Motorcycle, the Plastic Quality is Really poor and feels Like It would Break and Fall Apart even if this Motorcycle just falls when it's Standing and at the last, the Throw from the Headlight is also Very poor as I Mentioned Above. Now looking at It's Arch Rival the Bajaj Pulsar RS 200, I think the Rs 200 is a Much more Better choice and It is more Value For Money than the R15 V3. So to conclude, if you want to just ride in the City or if you will be doing Mostly Track days, then this motorcycle is For you, but If you want a More Versatile and More Value For Money and Better Motorcycle then the Pulsar RS 200 is the Right Choice for the same Price. I Prefer the Pulsar RS 200, as I like to buy Value for Money Products. We will be Talking about the RS 200 in some another Blog.

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