Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Benelli is a less known Italian Brand, it's not as famous as Ducati or Mv Agusta but we all have to agree that Benelli is a Force to be reckoned with in the world of motorcycles. Today we are going to talk about Benelli's Flagship motorcycle, Benelli 600i. Don't Mistake this motorcycle for a Normal 600cc motorcycle like the Yamaha R6. It's a 600cc Inline 4 Cylinder Motorcycle! and has a lot of power and torque to play with. Now talking about the numbers, this 600cc inline 4 Engine produces 85.07 Horsepower and 54.6 Nm of torque at a Peak RPM @11,500. The performance is Punchy and this motorcycle doesn't feel slow in any bit. This Motorcycle comes with a Dual Channel ABS unit as Standard. On the Braking front we get Dual 320mm Discs up front and a 260mm Disc at the Rear. The Stopping Power from the Brakes is good but the Brakes Could have been a Little Better, cause they Lack the Initial Bite. This Bike Comes with a Fuel Injected engine and This System does works well in Regulating and Maintaining the Fuel Economy. So, talking about the Fuel Economy, this Bike will give you an average of around 23 Kmpl, which is Pretty Good for Such a Motorcycle. And the Tank is a 15 liter Tank, so we can expect a Good Pretty Tank Range. Now when you Look at the design of this Motorcycle, you will notice, how beautiful it is, but there are some Cons in the Design. For Starters the Instrument Cluster Looks Very Dated now, it's an Analog Digital Unit and Shows almost all the Information but Misses out on a Few Essential ones, like a gear position Indicator. Also, the Underseat Exhaust Design Looks Dated to some People but I Prefer it only that way, it adds to the Muscular Design of this Motorcycle. The Gearbox is a 6-speed unit and works Smoothly, there isn't any Clunkiness in the Gearbox. Shifting into Neutral is also easy and you can do Perfect Clutchless Shifts During High-Speed Riding. Well on the Acceleration front, this Motorcycle is Quick and fast as well. 0 to 100 takes around 4.5 Seconds which is very Nice and the Top speed is Around 225 Kmph. We tested this Motorcycle on the Track as well and we Achieved a Quarter Mile time of 13.67 Seconds and that's very impressive. The Build Quality Is Supremely Awesome and we also did take some of the Ownership reviews of this Motorcycle and the owners were happy with this Motorcycle, some of them had even been Involved in Serious Accidents but the Chassis remained Static, which speaks About the Awesome Build Quality. The Suspension duties on this Motorcycle are being handled by Twin inverted Telescopic Forks and in the Rear, there is a Hydraulic Monoshock Absorber but unfortunately, they aren't Adjustable. When we talk about the Tyres on this Motorcycle, they do their job well. The Tyres Provided are the Pirelli radials and are perfect for this bike. The front is a 120 Section 17 inch Wheel and the Rear is a 180 Section 17 inch wheel. The Seat height on this Bike is 800mm so almost all types of Riders will find this bike Comfortable and with a wheelbase of 1480mm, the Bike is fairly Agile. But the thing that made me sad was the weight, at 231 Kgs the bike is supremely heavy. You Won't feel the bike until you park it somewhere or the Motorcycle Falls. The ground clearance at 150mm is Pretty Decent to handle the Speed bumps. Also, the headlamps are a Halogen Unit which is kinda sad at this price point, the taillight and the indicator are LED. When we see the Ergonomics of this Motorcycle we get a Conclusion that this Motorcycle is very Versatile. It can be used for daily commuting, long Distance Touring, and occasional Track days as well. So to Conclude, this Motorcycle is a Wonderful Overall value for money Package when we Neglect the Minor Niggles on the Motorcycle but I believe that in the Coming future Years Benelli will work on them and Improve. Also, this Bike can be a Wonderful Upgrade for Someone who has been riding a Small Bike and I think that this is the perfect beginner's Big Bike.

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