Updated: Jan 5

Picture this, you are driving on the highway, enjoying the Drive with your family, in an EV, most of the people who buy EV have to worry about the range, but not you. What EV comes to your Mind, when I say that?? A Tesla??

Well, how about Pravaig?? Sounds familiar? Even if you haven’t heard the name you are going to hear this sometime for sure, why because this is an Indian EV Start-up that is going to launch their first car, the extinction mark 1 very soon and it is a car that competes with the likes of tesla model 3, I am not exaggerating here, it is the kind of car that will give the model 3 a run for its money.

The extinction Mk 1’s specs on paper seem to be good, it is going to have a 5,000-cell battery pack and will be propelled by a 96 kWh battery pack.

The Motors are going to provide 201.5 bhp and the “WHEEL TORQUE” is at 2400 Nm, now please don’t get confuse this with the torque that the motor generates, because that number is not clear yet, this is the torque that is generated that at the Wheel, for context the Upcoming Tesla Roadster is going to be generating around 10,000 Nm of Wheel Torque.

But these numbers don’t mean anything, if the car doesn’t perform in real life, well my friend this one does perform. You wanna know the acceleration numbers?? Huh?? The Extinction Mk 1 will do 0 to 62 Mph in just 5.4 seconds and even after pulling some of these acceleration numbers, it will go on to do the top speed of 196 Kmph, yup just 4kmph short of the 200 Kmph mark, it would have been a great flexing point for the owners but it’s all right.

But the Interesting part is yet to come, the Extinction Mark 1 is going to have a Range of 504 Kms, again for context a base Tesla Model 3 has a range of 263 Miles or 423 Kilometres, that’s 90 Kilometres less than what the Pravaig can do.

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