Starting with the options the first one is a monthly subscription you can have, Unlimited kilometers, the chauffeur drove and a Bespoke detailing according to the needs of the customer, I have yet to hear something similar from any other brand let alone the King of the EV world Tesla.

Now the first model that Pravaig is going to roll out is the extinction mark 1, which is a Luxury Sedan as you already might have seen then, Pravaig has taken into consideration the Obvious Indian scenarios such as bad roads and thus they optimized the Ground clearance and the suspension setting of the car according to it, first, it had just two doors but to make it more practical Pravaig added two more doors and named it the mark 2, but they didn’t just add doors they did a lot more, they are aiming for the rolls Royce kind of experience for you in the backseats and thus the 2nd row is the one where you probably want to be spending your time.

Let me talk about 5 of the biggest features of the mark 2, the 2nd row is a completely private space, there is a specific separation in between, 12-inch mirrors on the back seat enhance the friendliness of the Car ergonomically, you can do whatever you want. It’s really built to be a living room or an office space on wheels.

You can even use the space as a Serious study point, the desk is large enough to have a 16-inch laptop, you have ports to charge your laptop and stuff.

Let’s face it, air quality is deteriorating day by day and that’s the reason why more and more cars today are having Air purifier as an option, the Extinction mark 2 has one too, but it’s much more advance, the purifier has a PM 2.5 clearance which should almost become a necessity in every car today.

Safety is Crucial, and the Extinction is Safe AF, it really has been built like a tank, 5-star safety according to the safety standards, Pravaig has crash-tested a lot of their vehicles, the prototypes so they have a good knowledge regarding the Points where the car is bound to collapse from.

This is the cell that goes into the extinction mark 2, the size is the same as that of your traditional remote cells but they are so much more powerful.

What you are seeing on your screen right now is a test that is being performed to demonstrate the power of one single cell, this is basically a test of real-world scenarios where something might collide with your battery pack, here when a nail is pushed through the cell, it’s an exothermic reaction as you can see, molten copper flying through.

If a single cell could be so powerful, imagine what would have with 5000 Cells cause that’s the exact numbers of cells are packed in a battery pack and is on the floor of every Pravaig, so it has to be ensured that the batteries don’t explode if such things happen.

Here is a demonstration of just how safe the battery packs that Pravaig makes, this guy is standing barefoot on the battery pack and we all very well know the explosion power of these batteries pack, and here comes the nail, Boom.

I trust that now you would be fully assured that Pravaig is going to provide you a Safe Car.

Now comparing it with the batteries from some of the other electric cars, A Tata Nexon has a specific energy of 95 wh/kg, a Mercedes Benz Eqc has 123 wh/kg one, a Hyundai Kona has a 141 wh/kg, and the king of all tesla model s p100 D has a 160 wh/kg battery pack, the one which Pravaig offers is a 155 wh/kg battery pack. This allows Pravaig cars to go much further than most of the other pack's can.

Music is so important, I can’t stress this fact enough and Pravaig knows this very well so they chose to go with the best ones in the industry, Devialet speakers and these speakers make the extinction mark 2 a fast-moving concert hall.

But Bro, do you know Pravaig Dynamics is the first Indian EV maker to claim such a huge range in its first commercial offering. The Volkswagen ID.3 can barely do 500 km yet. Tesla Model 3 performance variant claims a range of 507 km in a single charge. In India, the EV with the highest range is the Hyundai Kona EV with a claimed range of 452 km. MG ZS EV, which has a range of 340 km, is still in the process to upgrade to a range of 500 km.

Pravaig also claims Extinction MK1 can replenish to about 80 percent within 30 minutes.

Pravaig Dynamics expects to sell around 2,500 of its newly unveiled luxury electric vehicle Extinction MK1 every year. Pravaig also has issued a statement revealing its plans to initially produce 2,500 units of the EV annually from next year.

The two-door, four-seater electric car will be primarily used for commercial fleets on a subscription-based model. Pravaig is aiming to produce around 250 units of the Extinction MK1 every year. It will be initially sold in cities like Bengaluru and Delhi before the EV start-up adds more cities on the list like Chennai, Kolkata, and More.

Lastly, I would just like to say that Pravaig we are proud of the work you are doing, it feels so great to see an Indian company make such cool EVs, on a scale of 1-10 I would rate my happiness 11, so keep up the good work Pravaig, I am counting on you, we all are…

So that will be all for the Pravaig Extinction Mark 1, I trust you would have liked this one, if you di then please do share it with your friends and do consider subscribing to Motordrift for more such content in the future, join the Motordrift community by clicking the links in the description below, I would love to have you as a part of it.

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