Recently, I thought about making a post about a German Super saloon and I was a bit confused because of the variety available in the market then I thought why not start with the best of all the German Brand, Porsche. They have one of the best and the fastest super saloons in the market, I know it’s hybridized but its main power plant is still an IC engine. Porsche has got almost everything right in this car. Started with the 989, Porsche has evolved a lot in terms of its super-saloon, and in 2020, they have nailed it with the looks, the interior everything.

Porsche came up with its first 4 door saloon car in 1988 with the Porsche 989, which was a modified version of the Porsche 996 at that time. The car was produced till 1991, but it didn’t get welcomed warmly, it didn’t look good and people were not ready yet for such a car from Porsche. Then came the Panamera in its 1st Iteration, they got the concept right kind off, but it still looked like a cheap hatchback from the outside, this time Porsche has nailed it with the new iteration, it looks like a proper saloon, and it's sleeker in profile along with being faster. In the upper models of the Panamera, you get blacked out quad rear exhausts which complement the Performance side of the car. The upper models like the SE hybrid also get carbon-ceramic brakes which needless to say improves the braking performance by quite a big margin. The design of the wheels seems to have been derived from the Porsche 918 Spyder and I can confidently say that Porsche made the right decision, from the front headlights and to the absolute rear the Profile of the Panamera is that of a sleek high-performance Coupe.

Talking about the Design of the 2020 Panamera Specifically, Porsche has Sharpened the product identity of the new Panamera is very Specific design measures, these include a new front-end new color, new wheels, and a new taillight module.

Almost all the new Panamera models will receive the sport design front end, apart from the Turbo S, on the Turbo s it’s identifying features have been emphasized, even more, the side air intakes have a much more striking design and its center air intake is also more pronounced and without a doubt, the most obvious and eye-catching feature is the front light module which we can see here, these front lights have a very basic distinctive design element, namely this interrupted C, another very attractive feature of these lights is that the closer you get the more you can see the details that have been incorporated.

The design plays with the lines we have here which are frosted and also partly create a crystalline glass-like appearance.

Very high quality, very solid Glass Body that surely is premium as you approach the car you discover a new detail with every step which simply creates a feeling of pleasure.

Porsche has designed three new wheels for the Panamera, this is the new turbo wheel, one of the 10 different wheel designs you can now choose from.

They have also redesigned the diffuser on the rear apron, it is now much sportier and indeed more distinctive than on the last generation.

At the rear the Highlight is, without doubt, the new taillight module, they now have a continuous light strip across the entire width of the luggage compartment lid, there is no longer a separation joint in the middle, and with the new exterior contours which have become much more elegant, they have greatly enhanced the integration of the car on the current product range.

From further away we have a very clear graphic appearance, there are these fine brush strokes these black lines, which they have extended here into the Outer areas.

Alongside the Brand Identity that Porsche has created with the light strip they can also, we can also see the product identity of the New Panamera, this is something that immediately catches the eye, it can only be the Panamera, it can’t be any other model from Porsche.

In the same way, as they did with the front light, they have also paid attention to create a solid glass look for the taillight, in other words, they have ensured that this elegant solid glass material is reflected in the geometry, this can be seen very clearly in these distortions, reflections that pass through.

It is similar to when you swirl a Beautiful glass of Red wine, it is something very refined, very elegant and something that I think is an excellent match for this class of vehicle.

The turn indicator consists of this main function, this powerful strip here at the top, and trim with Aura lines. They have come up with something new for Porsche Exclusive manufacture a three-dimensional dot pattern is available here which they have named hexadots.

This gives the entire light a completely different detail look, the most eye-catching detail of the exclusive light is, without doubt, the different design of the light cover.

They have also taken out the red component and have incorporated a darkened smoke element. This creates a look that is typical of their exclusive lights, another feature is the coming home and the leaving home function, in other words, they have an animation in the taillights as part of this exclusive light.

The Interior of the new Panamera builds on the architecture of its predecessor. Tidy, classic, elegant. There are new equipment variants and they also have a new generation of multi-function steering wheels in the car, these are inspired by Motorsports. Lightweight construction, a very large number of cutouts, and wonderful technical details.

For the sport Chrono Package there is a clock by Porsche design which references the Porsche design sports chronographs from the 1970s, black look, metal hands, super luminova coating, we have a true chronograph look here, wristwatches to match are also available.

So that’s all for the Evolution and the Design of the 2020 Porsche Panamera, in the next post we will dive into the Chassis and the engine of the Porsche Panamera in a detailed manner, so stay tuned for that post.

Also, do tell me your opinions about the Porsche Panamera in the comments below about what do you think about the design of the Panamera as compared to the competition cars.

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