Hey there, this Sunday I got a request from one of you and in it was asked “Bro, what’s the cheapest way to get into exotic cars?” and I was laughing at this hard because at one point in time I used to ask the same questions. So, after thinking about it I thought of writing a post on a car that’s exotic and relatively affordable to other exotic brand cars and yes you can buy this car brand new from the showroom for less than the price of a base C8 Corvette that might have surprised you, I know it surely did. The car in the spotlight today is the Porsche Cayman, a car that starts at just 57,500 $ (As of today) which is even less than the 60,000$ C8 Corvette. For the price, the Cayman might not have a lot of horsepowers but despite that, it performs well and at the end of the day it’s an exotic car!!!


The design follows the same trend from the elder siblings of this car, the 911s. Smooth flowing lines from the front of the car to the rear give the car a sleeker silhouette and with the gorgeous colors that Porsche offers with this car, the car looks even more beautiful. This car isn’t about aggressiveness or anything even close to that. It’s just a sports car that you can daily if you want to and go to occasional track days to do some fun stuff with your Cayman. The Cayman being a sports car with a not so big engine isn’t very huge in proportions, it’s relatively small to the 911’s and is thus very agile around the corners. The 2 door layout of the Cayman also helps it in looking more like a coupe and not like a boxy sports car. The side intakes behind the doors aren’t fake, they are proper intakes that feed air to the engine to cool it down. Even though the Cayman is one of the most basic cars you can buy to get into the Porsche Family, it’s not Porsche compromised anywhere, the Cayman is still unmistakably Porsche, right from the design, now let’s have a look at what this Baby Porsche packs under its hood.

Engine & Performance:-

The Cayman has got a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine that puts out 300 horsepower which is not less considering how light this car is. The S variant of the Cayman is even more powerful at 350 Horses, even though the Cayman is unmistakably Porsche, the coarse sound these 4 cylinders produce is surely not up to the level at which a Porsche should sound it. If you have more money to get a Cayman GTS and upper models, this issue is fixed as they have a naturally aspirated flat 6 instead of the 2.5 Litre 4 cylinder. One of the best things about the Cayman is that all the models come with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard, I can’t think of any reason why not to buy this car if you have the money!! But, if you aren’t into manual transmissions (that’s sad), Porsche also gives you the choice to get a quick-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch transmission with steering mounted Paddle Shifters. The Chassis of the Cayman has been made such that the Cayman can easily handle spirited driving and the perfectly weighted steering which has just the right amount of weight and feel to it transcends Perfection. Also, the engine layout in the Cayman being in the middle, the Cayman doesn’t break a sweat if you desire to do fast laps. The Cayman brings in a perfect blend of a Sporty yet comfortable drive and that’s what makes the Porsche so desirable in the 1st place. Since an average buyer who buys the Cayman will most probably daily the car or take it on long trips, it’s important to know the real word mileage this car will deliver, Porsche claims that the entry-level Cayman will deliver 21 Mpg in the city and 27 Mpg on the highway, that’s not too bad, considering the performance and the drivability of this car. The Porsche Cayman will accelerate from 0 to 60 Mph in 5.1 seconds with the manual and if you have an automatic transmission it will take 4.9 seconds, quite fast indeed and the Cayman will go on to achieve a top speed of 275 Kmph, that’s seriously good and in the real world on one’s going to take their cars over 100 Mph unless you are on the Autobahn.


The Cayman is a car that’s focused towards the Drivers has to have an interior that’s focused towards the drivers and it is, the sports steering wheel has been perfectly positioned, the rev counter or the tachometer is in the middle and that’s the first thing I look up to whenever I am in a Driver’s focused car. The instrument cluster has been laid in such a way that the Driver never loses its focus. All buttons and functions are intuitive to operate making the driver drive the car spiritedly. The 7-inch touch screen display is very user friendly, it doesn’t lag and functions well, and it provides a lot of data and keep the driver up to date regarding the info of the car. The seats are comfortable and they can easily be adjusted. The Seats are bolstered in such a way that they hold the driver well during hard cornering. The presence of Leather and Alcantara all around the cabin gives the interior a new life. And as with all Porsche’s you can even choose to spec the center dial in whichever way you want. Overall the Porsche Cayman’s interior is a nice place to be. It’s completely focused on the driver and perfectly blends in with the whole car.


The Porsche Cayman is a great car without a doubt. There are many people in the world like me who dream of owning exotic cars but don’t have the money to do so. And that’s where Manufacturers like Porsche come to the rescue and provide us with cars like the Porsche Cayman that helps us realize our dreams of owning an exotic car of our own. This car also shows that Porsche can do great things on a budget. It’s a true driver’s car in every possible way and I appreciate Porsche for launching such a great car.

Thank you for giving this a read, I hope you liked it.


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