Last time, we discussed the Holy trinity of Hypercars. We had a brief discussion about the P1, Laferrari and the 918 spyder. This time we are going to discuss the 918 Spyder. As we discussed earlier the 918 spyder is the most advanced car to come out of the Porsche Factory. Also, the 918 spyder is a special car for Porsche as the car was intended to make an impact just like the Porsche Carrera GT. So now we know that the 918 spyder has quite a big task to live up to. It can be seen that the design of the car has been inspired by the Carrera GT. The powertrain of the car is a 4.6 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that produces 599 horsepower at 8,700 RPM coupled with two electric motors that deliver an additional 282 horsepower, resulting in a combined horsepower of 887! The overall torque output of the car is 944 lb-ft. which translates to 1280 Nm of torque. The interesting thing about the 918 spyder is that it is fighting a torque war, unlike others that compete in terms of horsepower. That’s the sole reason why the car accelerates so much faster than its competitors. The Laferrari and the P1 are relatively low on torque. Apart from the acceleration, the 918 spyder distinguishes itself from the others on 3 points. Firstly its 4 wheel drive as opposed to the rear-wheel-drive LaFerrari and P1, as a result, you get a better start in a drag race as you get off the line quickly while the rear-wheel-drive cars might struggle with traction and would often lead to unwanted burnouts. Secondly, the 918 spyder is a versatile Car, it can be driven with the roof up in the form of a coupe and it can also be driven as a roofless car when the roof is removed. Thirdly, the 918 spyder can drive for around 12 miles or 19 kms in pure EV mode which is quite impressive as compared to its competitors. Moreover, the transition from EV to hybrid is instantaneously quick, just a flick of the beautiful paddle shifter, and the modes are changed. The engine in the 918 is quite special, we discussed earlier the car from which the 918 is inspired, the Carrera GT it had an LMP1 derived V10 engine, the 918, on the other hand, has an LMP2 derived V8 engine, which explains why the engine in this car feels so racy. The interior of the car is pure bliss, design elements inspired by the Carrera GT can be seen. The diamond stitching behind the seats reminds you of that. The Carbon fiber seats are very comfortable and hold you well which makes the 918 spyder a great grand tourer. On the left side of the center console, we can see the chassis number plaque, again a similar touch from the Carrera GT. Porsche says that about 800 functions can be controlled from the infotainment system in the center, that’s quite intriguing, the digital dials are well placed in front of the steering wheel. The steering in itself is loaded with functions, adjacent to it we have our drive selector and electric handbrake. The switches in themselves have been leather-wrapped and they feel so elegant to touch, the same goes for the paddle shifters which have that metallic feeling. One thing that isn’t inspired by the Carrera GT is the exhaust placement. The exhausts, unlike the Carrera GT, have been mounted on the top of the roof, which gives the rear of the car a clean proportionate look. The wheels on the car are very unique and have not been seen in any previous car yet. When finished in platinum silk with acid green calipers it brings out the character of the car and makes it look like a venomous spider. A person who wants to buy a 918 spyder can also spec it with the Weissach package, which is the more track-focused version of the 918, it also buys you a few racing decals. But in my opinion, the car looks much cleaner and sleek without the weissach package. The thing that makes the 918 spyder stand afar from both of its competitors is its fuel efficiency and emissions. Would you all believe me if I say you that the 918 spyder is more fuel-efficient and has fewer fuel emissions than a Toyota Prius…. Yes, I was just as much as shocked as you all are. I will be ending this post in the words of Richard Hammond by saying that “Ferrari and McLaren have used the Hybrid technology to liven up the Hypercar today, Porsche has used the hybrid technology to save the Hypercar for tomorrow this is an important car”. That's it for this time guys Hope you liked it Thank you Ciao

Photo byZizhang ChengonUnsplash

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