As I said earlier in my previous posts that here on Motordrift, we i.e. You and Me Discuss everything. Be it a sports car, a Supercar, an SUV, sedan, or anything so we are going to enter a segment which we have never discussed on Motordrift, the Electric Hypercar Segment, there are the likes of Rimac, Lotus, Nio that we haven’t discussed.

Also, we always tend to look for Italians in every car segment, Don’t We? ;) Even I was looking desperately for an Italian EV Hypercar and then I came across Pininfarina, yes you read it right, Pininfarina, the Italian design firm and coachbuilder that has been designing countless road-going beauties from the past 90 years, the list of cars they have designed goes on and on, one of their best creation in my eyes is the Ferrari 458 Speciale and the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, you might have seen these beauties and you know for a fact that they are drop-dead gorgeous, they have inspired the design of Modern Ferrari’s.

Battista Pininfarina, the man himself behind this legendary company loved designing cars for others but deep inside he always had an urge to build a car that would just bear his name Pininfarina and God bless his soul, his wish has finally come true in the form of Pininfarina Battista.

Design: -

The design of the Battista is like a Diamond that has been carved to the perfect shape from every angle. It’s the most beautiful electric Hypercar in the market, that’s all I know, especially the blue color in the front end of the hood, I don’t have words to describe how beautiful the Battista looks.

The smoothness in the Aerodynamic Bits of the car, the overall silhouette, the way the intakes have been designed, the wheels on the Battista, the smoothness through which the spoiler in the rear has been integrated into the design of the car.

Even the side mirrors on this car look like they have been crafted by an Artist.

The floating appearance of the taillights, these design features together make the Pininfarina stand out amongst other electric Hypercars.

The Best complement for the Battista would probably be that it looks like a car that has been designed by Pininfarina.

Battery & Performance: -

Yeah, since it’s an electric car, we talk about Batteries, not the engine.

The Pininfarina has a 120 Kwh, Rimac sourced Lithium-ion battery that puts out 1900 Horsepower and 2300 Nm of Torque.

So basically, the Battista is the most powerful road-legal car ever to come out of Italy, according to me that’s quite an achievement and something that Pininfarina Should be proud of.

The Battista is meant to be a Hyper GT but don’t let it even fool you for a second that it’s not fast. 0 to 60 Mph in less than 2 seconds, yes 2 seconds!!! 186 Mph i.e. 300 Kmph in under 12 seconds.

I know, I know even I found it hard to digest these numbers, reading the acceleration numbers gave me pain in the neck already.

Top speed is an area where electric cars don’t shine much, right? Well, things are about to change, Pininfarina has gone all-in and has made the Battista in such a way that It would have 250+ Mph of top speed, who knows, it may even break the 400 Kmph barrier.

Only time will tell how well the Battista stacks up with other of its Hyper EV brothers.

Interior: -

While having a look at the interior of the Battista, I could think of only one thing that Pininfarina has stayed true to their design philosophy.

The interior is elegant and minimalistic, to say the least, and its driver-focused that’s also one of the chief interior design cues to make the car driver-focused while keeping it uncluttered.

In the middle is your steering wheel that has been positioned perfectly for a Hyper GT. On either side of the steering wheel, 2 screens have been positioned towards the driver.

On the left-hand side of the driver is the knob to switch into different modes and on the right is the knob to put the car into Driver, reverse, etc.

Everything has been placed in the vicinity of the driver and this is a thing that is appreciated in cars today.

Visibility all around the car is seriously good and the seating position of the driver and the Passenger seems to be comfortable.

Only 150 Battista’s will be made with each having a price tag of around 2.5 Million dollars before options, that’s quite a lot but considering the performance and the design feats that Pininfarina is trying to achieve it seems to be worth it.

Conclusion: -

The Pininfarina Battista is a car that embarks the start of a new era, The Electric Hyper GT Era, it is trying to prove that electric Hypercars can be fast and comfortable at the same time while emitting a sound of their own.

I wish Pininfarina all the best in their future endeavors and I believe that they will continue to make cars that challenge the status quo again and again.

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