So Motordrifters every segment of the car has been in Discussion on Motordrift except for one?? Can you guess that Segment, it’s the Pickup Truck Segment. A segment that is Very Popular in the US and other countries as well.

In India, pickup trucks are mostly seen and used as workhorses by heavy industries and not much by families. The most affordable truck in India like the Bolero Pickup and the tata Yodha are sold in high numbers for commercial usage to shop owners and small businesses.

The Only family pickup truck that I have personally seen being used as a family vehicle is the Isuzu D max, which also is not on the affordable side as the truck starts from 16.5 lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi.

So, the question is Why aren’t pickup trucks not so much popular in India among families except for trucks like the Isuzu D max.

Let’s start with the first reason, it’s the Price. Pickup trucks have never been affordable in India, especially those that are intended to be used as a family vehicle, so that needs to change first.

Seconds, after affordability companies should be able to give a reason to people to buy Pickup trucks instead of the Boleros and the Scorpio Indians are obsessed with.

How can companies do that?? Well, there are several reasons to give people. Pickup trucks are more practical than Cars like the Mahindra Scorpio, the 7-seater layout is anyway mostly used as a luggage compartment in the Scorpio so why not have a whole Bed?? And that’s where pickup trucks will be more desirable.

Secondly, we can make the trucks a little bit off-road oriented as well, so they are more capable than the comparable SUVs in their range.

If the Price and the marketing of the above advantages pickup trucks have over SUVs is done right then I am Sure Pickup trucks would create a profound impact on people’s minds and would eventually propel them to buy pickup trucks.

And when we nail the affordable segment of the Indian Market, we can eventually progress upwards and build trucks in above price ranges, then in future India might even have a market for trucks like the Ford Raptor and the Ram Rebel TRX.

So that’s my plan to create a market for pickup trucks in India, it’s just a rough plan and I trust you all like it.

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Till then


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