Electric scooters have recently started to gain a lot of popularity in the Indian market, last time it happened it was Ather who was coming out with an all-new industry revolutionizing scooter, the claim is the same, only the companies have changed, now it’s OLA.

Ather launched the ather 450X in 2016, it was truly one of the most advanced products of its time, and folks in the automotive community used to describe ather as the tesla of the scooter world, as they were doing something that had never been done before.

At the time of Ather, it was different, Indians had never seen such a product before, and in this period of 5 years, we have slowly started to get familiar with such modern tech, but OLA hasn’t just launched some cool looking electric scooter that costs over a lakh in its best form.

They have done something which is at least 3 times better than what we are currently getting in the market, in the form of S1 and the S1 pro, they are truly trying to become the scooter giant, but is the S1 good enough to beat everyone and emerge victorious in this market with neck to neck competition? Well, let’s find out

At the first look, you will notice a few things, it’s very simple in design and the silhouette is that of a traditional scooter, then you will notice that they aren’t any weird angles or out of the shape lines, every curve and corner on the scooter has a purpose and overall it looks very cool, especially if you get it in a dark shade of color.

Now, electric vehicles are quick, we all know that, due to the availability of torque right from 0 rpm, EVs accelerate like no other thing and as they move higher in speed, they tend to lose the juice.

Now if we believe the acceleration that Ola is coming then damn, the S1 is quick, 0 to 40 kmph in just 3.6 seconds for the normal version and 3.0 seconds for the s1 pro, it’s not just the acceleration that differs here, it’s the top speed as well.

On the standard s1, you will get a top speed of 90 kmph, which honestly is more than enough for city rides, but if you are a top speed geek and want to hit those 3 digit speeds then ola has got the s1 pro for you, it will not only hit those 3 digit speeds, it will also go on to hit about 115 kmph, it just doesn’t get better than this.

If we range, then on the standard s1, you will get a range of about 121 kms, which is good enough for 2-3 days of a continuous city commute, and in case you want more range than you get the s1 pro, it has 60 kms of range more than the s1 and can probably be used for short tours as well.

Not more than that tho, cause we don’t know whether there is an electric charger everywhere.

If we look at the competition, it’s in the form of the ather 450. The scooter has already established itself as the best scooter money can buy. And we have got another new player in the market, I am not sure if everyone has heard about it.

But it’s called the Simple ONE. The ONE thing it has that clearly makes it better than the Ola s1 and the Ather 450 is the range, the company is claiming that the scooter has a range of 236 kms, which is absolutely insane. It’s so much better than the range we are getting with the other scooters, but we will compare them in a future post, that’s all for now.

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