When I say British Supercar, what are the few cars that come to your mind or leave cars what are the companies that come to your mind? Aston Martin or Maybe Mclaren right? Well, the same was the case with me before I heard about this company called noble and about their car which absolutely destroyed any supercar that came in its path.

It’s called the Noble M600 and as the name suggests it's hand-built by craftsmen from noble. Yes, a handbuilt supercar in the 21st century.

The first thing I loved about the M600 was its story, the M600 appeared as a car that people barely knew and when it stood among the motoring giants it annihilated everyone.

Starting from the design, it looks very similar to the way Koenigsegg used to design their car before the Agera and it somehow also resembles the early McLaren's like the Mp12c. But overall, it does look good. At the first glance, it looks like just another mid-engined supercar, but the m600 is much more than that.

Inside the car, everything is unique, from the engine to the way it drives, everything. The basic construction of the m600 has been through stainless steel and carbon fiber. If the company had more money, I am completely sure they wouldn’t have to use heavy metals like steel and could have probably made the car even faster.

One thing that I would probably like to add here is that don’t think that this is the first time that Noble is building a car, they have built cars in the past as well such as the noble m500 and the noble M15, which most of us would have probably even heard of before but they are the predecessor to this record-breaking one-of-a-kind performance machine.

Now if we keep aside the design for a moment we will come to the part where all of the magic originates from, the engine of the noble m600. Most of the cars these days come with V8, especially if we talk about Mclaren, well the same is the case with the m600, it has a v8 engine too but not just any other v8 engine, it has a v8 engine that has been blessed by the Japanese.

So, the m600 uses a 4.4-liter v8 engine that has been built by Yamaha and made for Volvo and has been integrated with twin turbochargers. Also, the turbochargers are variable, which means you can choose whatever output you want according to your choice.

You can go from 450 horsepower to 650 horsepower by twisting one of the switches on the dashboard. Now if you have watched Ford vs Ferrari you must be remembering what Carroll Shelby said about 7,000 RPM. It’s a magic point among cars and the noble m600 has got the same redline of 7,000 RPM. Moreover, to add to the madness the m600 has got 819 nm of torque, so be prepared for some neck-snapping accelerations cause the m600 is going to give a lot of them.

But but but but, if this all wasn’t enough then noble has given a 6-speed manual gearbox in the m600, like this car is literally what an enthusiast dreams of, okay I understand that it hasn’t got a naturally aspirated engine but forced induction engines have a charm of their own and we all should try to understand it.

Now, what is the result of all these power figures? Well, the m600 will do 0 to 60mph in just 3.0 seconds, that’s faster than a Pagani Huayra FYI. and it will take the m600 just 27 more seconds to pass 300 kmph and go on to a claimed top speed of 225 mph tho in the real world the m600 has been tested to 215 mph, still fast af.

If after reading all this you are very impressed by the car and plan on buying it then please do keep a cheque of 250 Grand handy before rushing to the folks at noble. I just want that in this era of EVs and automation, noble keeps making these cars, even if it’s just a handful of cars, the upcoming generations should know what is the peak of automotive engineering.

So, everyone, that will be all for this time, I trust you liked this one, if you did then do share it with your friends and do consider subscribing to Motordrift for more such content in the future.

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