Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Japanese make some seriously impressive cars, from the past, the JDM cars era is probably one of the best Cars eras the world has ever seen. Initial D made them even more popular. Great cars like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru WRX, Toyota Supra, Honda Civic, the Rotary legend Mazda RX and many more. But the car that stood out the most among all these was the Nissan R32 GT-R, it had 4 wheel drive, Low ride height, Aerodynamics that were not seen on any other Japanese car. The RB 26 engine stood out the most. The competition between the GT-R and the Supra is one of the most epic face-offs the car world has ever seen. Later on, the R33 and the R34 GT-R changed the whole game. The R34 soon became the poster car of the JDM era, it was viewed as the best car to come out of Japan. When the R34 Era ended, Nissan had to come with the Successor of the R34 so they came up with the R35, when it was first launched in December 2007, it was launched as a sports car. Over the years it has been continued with minor changes, some power upgrades, and a few revisions over its look, it’s been almost 13 years since the R35 GT-R was launched. At the time it was launched it was having Porsche 911s for breakfast. It was fast and affordable, but the reality has changed now, it costs as much as a new McLaren 570s, and gets beaten by cars half its price. It has 565 horsepower as standard, from that twin-turbo V6 which has been revised and given several power tweaks. Torque is more or less the same. Top speed is still around 305 Kmph, which isn’t slow but at the price it sells, it seriously needs to improve. This car has Practicality which can put shame to a few hatchbacks. Its GT capabilities have seriously improved over the years. The suspension is road compliant, they adapt to the road surface, brakes are good and this car loves to oversteer. The GT-R was always known for its straight-line speed, but with the upgrades, it has got over the years, it has become quite friendly now. The weight of this car is approximately 1750 Kg, that’s a heavy car, but the reason is to get traction, many supercars struggle with traction often, not the GT-R. Its weight is the reason it goes so fast. Another car that uses the same principle, is the Chiron (God of Hypercars).

If you are willing to spend over 200,000 $ over a Nissan, Nissan has got you, they have the Nissan GT-R with the Nismo package, which gives the car a power raise from 565 Horsepower to 600 Horsepower, which isn’t much but nice to brag about, moreover you get the Carbon ceramic brakes which improve braking by a significant amount. To add a cherry over the cake, the Nismo package also adds carbon fiber to the car in places like the Hood, the fenders, and the roof and a Carbon fiber rear spoiler. Coming to the interior, this the place where Nissan can’t hide the age of R35 anymore, the interior feels like it’s lifted out from a 2008 family saloon. Seats are very comfortable and ideal for touring. Supercars aren’t reliable, that’s the fact that goes around the internet, the expensive the car gets, its reliability decreases with the same pace. If the GT-R is so old, why do people still buy it?? It’s because of the Tuning potential this car possesses. Everyone has heard about 1000 Horsepower Nissan GT-R’s doing the quarter-mile in under 9 seconds with stock internals. That’s the strong selling point of this car, it love’s to get tuned, and the aftermarket support for the GT-R is brilliant. Lack of Parts availability is never an issue. The GT-R is one of the very few reliable cars you will find today.

In my personal opinion, by not upgrading the GT-R or not launching the R36 GT-R, Nissan is doing itself more harm than good, they are directly defaming the title this car has coined over the years “The Godzilla”. We are in dire need of the R36 GT-R. Enough said!

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Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash

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