“Rush” is the name of one of the first Hollywood movies I saw as a kid and when I watched it for the first time, I couldn’t relate to it as I could now, I didn’t have that understanding, neither did I could connect to the movie because I was still a kid.

About a year, I watched Rush again, but this time the effect that it had on me was completely different, this time I didn’t just watch the movie solely for the purpose of entertainment but for the purpose of learning something from both these legends of F1. After finishing the movie, I legit cried, and this was an experience I hadn’t had in a long time because I couldn’t connect to any movie on this level.

I thought of myself as a character in the movie and the character that matched my personality the most was Niki Himself, I learned sheer dedication and love for the sport from Niki.

Even after surviving such a horrific accident, Niki didn’t leave the sport, he came back and he came back like a warrior, people and drivers couldn’t believe what they were witnessing, they were confused that was its Sheer dedication towards the sport or had Lauda lost his mind?

Just 40 days Niki saw his whole life flashing in front of his eyes, it could have been fatal, he could have been dead but here he was ready to put himself and give it all again, the one person that was astonished the most was James Hunt, who people considered Niki’s arch Rival.

But there is more to the story than just the crash of 1976, Niki and James were met in formula 3, Niki used to describe himself and James as “Hot-headed Jerks”, the rivalry started from the day they both met each other for the first time.

And as they started facing each other more and more, their rivalry not only grew much bigger but it became public, the world saw them competing with each other from neck to neck, but they both evolved as drivers, despite all the ups and downs they were going through, they evolved.

Niki won 2 world championships with Ferrari and one with Mclaren and he still is in the top 10 on the list of most wins by an F1 driver, that’s how talented he was.

And as for James, as Niki said in the movie itself, winning 1 world title was enough, that’s all he needed to prove to the people who didn’t believe in him.

There was only one Niki and there will be only one Niki Lauda.

Gordon Murray’s T50 Niki Lauda edition car is the car which I am desiring the most right now, why? Because it’s been made by Gordon Murray the legend himself in the memory of Niki Lauda.

It’s been almost 2 years since Niki Passed away but his learnings and teachings are still alive in the hearts of all the F1 drivers and Fans.

Rest In peace champ, I am sure you and James would still be racing in heaven! ❤

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