Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Hello Readers, we all know Lamborghini, a Supercar Brand famous for making blistering fast and Beautiful Supercars. In the 2 Wheel World, there is Mv Agusta which makes this to a whole new level. Every motorcycle made at MV is made with only 2 things in mind. Performance and Design. There is no beating Mv Agusta in the Design Department, I even wish that in future years as well, they will continue to be the leader of making the most beautiful motorcycles in the world. Kudos to there Design Team to make such great Designs. The Design of Mv Agusta motorcycles is so elegant that the Design of the Mv Agusta F4 which is their Flagship Motorcycle has now become almost a Decade old but still manages to pop out the Eyes of the Beholder. Look at the Brutale, it means Brutal and is Brutal. It's difficult to describe the Design(No words). The Performance is just on another level, their machines just Fly away right from the word Go. When you crank up the Motorcycle and Push the throttle, those 150 horses(of the Brutale) will push you back onto your seat and then the front wheel pops towards the sky. We, Will, Talk About it in a different blog.

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