As we are discussing McLaren's this week, and particularly the Ultimate series this time we check out the McLaren Elva, firstly, what should we call it, a roofless supercar? It all started with Ferrari launching the Monza SP1 and the Monza SP2 after that Aston Martin announced their roofless supercar and then came McLaren with the Elva, officials say that McLaren's Goal with this car is to give a rebirth to their Elva roofless racing car back in the 1960s, like all McLaren's this car does too feature a twin-turbo layout, a 4.0 liter twin-turbo layout to be precise. It's more powerful than the Mclaren Senna, at 815Ps or 804Hp it's 15hp more than the already monstrous 789HHp of the Senna. Moreover, the Elva will be the lightest McLaren yet, which means it will be even lighter than 1198kg McLaren Senna. And the weight saving has been achieved by having no roof. Since this car doesn't have any roof and as it needs to comply with road safety rules, the upper body has been strengthened to the level that it prevents the car from rolling over in any scenario, thus enhancing the safety of the car. Since this car is light, it's very agile and quick, 0 to 60mph take under 3 seconds and McLaren claims that it will do 124mph in 6.7 seconds, if that's true then the Elva is faster than a Bugatti Chiron to 124Mph, only time will tell whether these claims are even true. As with every other supercar nowadays, extensive carbon fiber has been used in the creation of the McLaren Elva, large continuous pieces of Carbon fiber have been used instead of smaller carbon fiber parts, to complement the smooth flowing design of the car. The car features quad exhausts, two in the upper direction to provide the best engine experience to the occupants of the car, and two directed towards the back of the car to please the passerby. There are very interesting things going on all around the car, for instance, when you drive above 30mph, a flap rises and directs the air above the driver and the passenger area, which forms a bubble of uninterrupted joyful driving experience, but above 70mph this system might not be very effective and the force of the air is too much at speeds upwards of 70mph.

Mclaren claims that even with no roof the Elva can be enjoyed around a track, as it has got a Large retractable rear wing which generates enough downforce that the car will perform as better as the same car with a roof. Low Centre of Gravity enhances the handling of the car significantly.

Not much has been revealed about the Elva yet but only 399 cars will ever be produced and it would have a base price of 1.4 million pounds excluding options.

I am quite impressed with the engineering and the clever stuff that has gone behind the creation of this car, but I think would rather have the Ferrari, cause Naturally aspirated V12 suits better than a twin-turbo V8 in a roofless car, but that's just my personal opinion guys, I would love to hear in the comments what you will choose?

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