Damn, it seems like McLaren has set out to destroy every other supercar in the industry right now. Do you have an idea of why I am saying this statement, well you would most probably be knowing about the launch of the McLaren 765Lt, Impeccable isn’t it??

Also, when I am saying this statement I am not exaggerating or just blabbering about the 765 Lt, the engineering, and the technology behind the 765 lt is there to back it up.

The McLaren 765Lt is a car that has been from fearless engineering, yes, no fear what I mean is that McLaren isn’t fearing any competition it might receive from its competitors, they now stand at a level where they don’t even care about the competition.

The McLaren 720s is already a great car, we have made a video on it as well, if you haven’t seen it go check it out, also before getting into the 765 Lt, I would appreciate if you could press that subscribe button if you are watching the video and you are enjoying it then why not just subscribe, it would motivate me to create more awesome content for you.

Now back to the video, the 720s over which McLaren has built the 765 is a supercar that has performance level in the area of Hypercars, people who can’t buy supercars buy the 720s, because the 720s is in a way an affordable Hypercar, now the 765 Lt takes that title to a whole new level.

It’s lighter than the already light 720s, moreover, it’s more powerful and has got more torque as well, so the 765lt is not just a 720s on steroids as some people might think about it like that, it’s a different car now, the engineering is different, the aerodynamics going on is more complex and the car together is what we expect as the best from McLaren.

So, let’s start with the design of the 765 Lt: -

Here we have McLaren’s design chief Rob Melville explaining the design of the McLaren 765 Lt. He has been involved in the development of some pretty great cars at McLaren like the 720s so he is Great at his job, to say the least.

First of all, starting with the name itself, what does LT mean, well LT means Longtail, advanced aerodynamics, and increased power, all to deliver the ultimate engagement regarding the driving experience.

Let me remind you one thing, the driving experience is one of the chief focus points to the folks at McLaren when they are making a car.

Now let’s talk about some of the key features.

First of all, proportions, McLaren has extended the front overhang, why did they do that?? They did that to increase the depth of the front splitter, which means that they can generate more downforce.

Another key form, you see, below the hammer headline of this very full curve volume. This helps them to keep the air that hits the car energized while guiding it into the low-temperature radiators, which sit just below the headlamp.

Then as we move, outboard the familiar eye sockets from the 720s, still keeping that dual function of keeping the air in as part of the headlight system to feed the top part of the radiator.

Then outboard on the front splitter, we have these fences, they help in generating downforce but the key thing here is to allow the airflow along the side of the car.

As we move down to the side, another feature note is the optional louvers, this allows them to exit the high pressure that gets build up inside the wheel well, out through the top, overall minimizing the impact of that turbulent air.

And then as we move to the side, that beautiful deep sculpture of the twin skin doors, we saw on the 720, of course, that has been carried through the 765 Lt, which means they can take that turbulent air and tuck into the body side with an efficient and beautiful design. Again, another fence to align that turbulent air to the body side.

And here they have to feed a huge amount of air into the side radiators that sit behind this panel. Most of that air is fed into this very deep door duct. They further supplement that by increasing the size of the lower intake. That means with an increase in power, they can scoop up more of that air flowing down the side and guide it straight where needed.

And to finish the story of the aero, they now move to the rear corner, where they have these floating blades, now the purpose of these floating blades is to detach the air in the corner, they do that by creating a very sharp edge through the panel, this optimizes the overall airflow around the car.

And now let’s move up to the rear deck, Glass is heavy, so on the rear, they have changed the rear screen and the glazing on the c pillar area to polycarbonate or simply Plastic Bro. It’s lighter and it does provide a bit of foam in there.

So, multiple benefits, but the main point here was to protect that 360-degree field of view you have when you sit inside the car, to regenerate that feeling of being inside a jet fighter cockpit.

And when you see these beautiful volumes, as they flow down into the rear here, everything shrinks wrapped around that engineering package, the top mesh gives superb visibility into the engine and then here this full width, very aggressive, active rear wing and air brake.

The trailing edge of the body defined by this very characterful line, which is low in the middle and steps into the outboard area, the reason it does that, is it allows them to generate more downforce and at the same time they step it forward and down to allow for fantastic rear-view visibility and then the heat escapes from the exhaust system.

And the exhaust here is a quad exhaust system, delivers both an incredible amount of visual drama and also means, it delivers power. And because it’s made out of titanium, it’s incredibly light.

Outboard of that we have the ultra slim led light blades, surrounded by laser-cut mesh, allowing them to exit the all hot air from the engine bay and finally very race-inspired rear diffuser, very purposeful, very simple but beautiful.

One of the Key Challenges with the McLaren 765 Lt was that McLaren had to make a light car even lighter.

So, the approach McLaren took was to experiment with different kinds of materials like aluminum.

They tried to remove the unnecessary bulk while still maintaining the rigidity of the car just this time with a lot less material.

By doing so McLaren can make the body panels thinner while maintaining the performance and thus removing further mass from the car.

This is projected in other areas of the vehicle as well, with the front splitter in carbon fiber, the metallic alloys.

Material like Polycarbonate or simply Plastic has found itself useful in many places around the car, in the interior materials like Alcantara have helped in further reducing the weight of the car.

By analyzing it on such a small scale, they can ensure that every bit of material on the car is there for a reason.

And thus, McLaren can make the car lighter, perform better, and thus drive faster.

And in the end, here is a short clip for you to hear the 765 Lt roaring. Enjoy!!

Now before ending the video, I have a question for you, would you buy the 765 Lt and dominate every track or would you buy a used 720s and annihilate every other supercar on the road, comment down below, I would love to hear your answer regarding this.

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