Hey guys, as we all can recall that I have discussed McLaren’s here quite a few times be it the P1 the 720s and in other arguments as well, but today we are going to explore an entirely different section of McLaren engineering, it’s the McLaren’s homebuilt Long Tail series, in this series of cars what McLaren does is that they take their standard cars from the Sports and Superseries ad they modify them in such a way that they become more track-focused, the entire goal is to make the car faster around tracks and Boy o Boy they have come out with some really special cars over the time. Today we are starting the discussion over the Long Tail series with the youngest member of all, just because it’s younger don’t think that it’s any less powerful or scary, it has the same level of thrill that we have seen on other cars just with track-worthy bits.

The McLaren 600Lt is essentially a Track version of the 570s, the standard 570s is very good around the track but it’s an all-rounder car, the 600 Lt has been specially designed and made to dominate tracks around the world. It has got some crazy aero going on in the front with the front splitter in the front, wheel louvers help in increasing the downforce over the front axles to prevent the car from understeering. The track width of the car has also increased over the standard 570s for improved balance around the track. The suspension has been tuned to be stiffer, stiffer dampers and the car sits lower as well. The flat floor provides the space for air to pass without creating any drag. The rear diffuser is also up in size over the standard 570s. In total the 600lt is around 47 Mm longer than the 570s. Weight reduction is one of the top priorities when making these cars and thus the seats in the 600lt are from the Halo McLaren P1, they save around 20kgs of weight in total and hold you well when you are sliding in the corners, you also have the option of upgrading them to McLaren Senna seats which save a further 4kgs, the light-alloy wheels save around 17kgs all around. Removing of the Glovebox has removed further 1kg of weight. The door storage spaces have been replaced by nets. Use of more Alcantara, lighter brake calipers, use of more carbon fiber all around the car, lighter suspension arms, removing the mats, and so on. In total the 600lt is over 100kgs lighter than the standard 570s. If we do the math, removing 100kgs from the 570s is the same as adding 60 horsepower to the engine or increasing the grip by 5 percent, all I can say is that it’s well worth it. Now talking about the engine, the 600Lt has been given 30 more horsepower and combined with the weight savings it feels like a different car. Acceleration is 2.8 seconds to 60Mph and the car will top out at 201Mph, pretty impressive for a track-focused machine. The Top-mounted exhaust has a different engineering principle going behind them.

Track telemetry option allows you to record your laps around tracks and lets you have a look at your driving skills, Carbon ceramic brakes come and standard and they are very powerful. The fixed-wing in the back generates about 100kgs of downforce to help the car in managing Drag in and out of corners. Ingress and egress are tough in this car. The infotainment system is not up to date, the rearview mirror looks very cheap, to be honest. The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R are probably the best tires for the track today and the 600lt comes standard with them. You even have the option of buying the Spider version of this car, which will you some more Drama, though it’s 50kgs heavier. The Best thing about the 600Lt is its ability to connect with the driver, the driver is in total control and it does whatever the driver wants it to do. The 600Lt is a masterpiece of a car, it’s a car meant for drivers in every possible way, and so if anyone has the means to buy one, I can’t think of what’s stopping you!!!!

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Photo By sam Siddiqui on Unsplash

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