Seems like you liked the post on the Maserati GT MC Stradale, because I got some really good reviews over it from your side, thank you for the support, it means a lot and provides the inspiration to keep bringing out such great content for you. Since you liked the MC Stradale review, here is another Maserati Review for you and this time it’s going to get more exciting because the car today in the spotlight is termed as the Italian Trackhawk, yes that 707 horsepower All-wheel drive, American monster that till date is my favorite performance SUV, but I wanted to know about other SUVs that can stack up to the Trackhawk. SUV’s that retain the silhouette of a proper SUV, that looks menacing and that has the performance and engine to back it up. The Urus is certainly not that SUV, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio is a small SUV targeted towards cars like the Porsche Macan, but there is one that checks all the boxes, the Maserati Levante Trofeo. This car is the Italian version of the jeep Trackhawk, so let’s get into the review and find more about this Italian Monster.


Let’s start with the design of the car because before anything else, the driver is going to see the car and the car has to look good to get the driver excited about driving it. The aggression on this car is real, the looks are so menacing, that in the rearview mirror of another car that’s going ahead of you, it would look like the Levante Trofeo is probably going to devour you. The huge wide grill in the front has the crown of the king like looking Maserati logo and when you see this car on the road, it is the king. Intakes along both the sides of the front grill which direct cold air towards the engine and the massive brakes the Levante has. You can also spot some beautiful elements over the car, see that eyebrow looking LED strip going over the headlights of the car, they look so beautiful and add to the character of the car. Moving from the front to the rear. The smoothness and the curve in the hood follow along, directing the air towards the outer part of the car for minimizing drag. The iconic 3 vent pattern has made its way onto the Levante as well and is the classic Maserati design, Que. The roofline follows along with the rear compartment of the car to the end of the car where the taillights might remind you again of the MC Stradale. The Blacked out quad rear exhausts depict the performance element of the car. The large curves along the wheel arches in the rear house the massive 295 section tires that provide an insane amount of grip to the car. Now let’s see what makes this car so fast.

Engine & Performance:-

The engine in the Levante Trofeo even though small is delivering huge numbers with those twin turbochargers stacked over it. The 3.8 Litre Twin Turbo V8 engine in the Levante Trofeo produces over 590 horsepower and 730 Nm of torque and delivers it through all four wheels which give the Levante its stupendous acceleration of just 3.7 seconds to 60 Mph and guess what even though the Levante weighs over 2.1 tonnes, it will go on to do a top speed of 187 Mph, which is faster than most SUVs in the market. With an acceleration so fast, the Levante Trofeo is faster than Porsche Cayenne turbo, the Bentley Bentayga, and even the Range rover supercharged. It handles like a proper sports car, just what I expected from it. Maserati has nailed in making an SUV handle that handles like one of their 2 door coupes. In a fast SUV like this, you need brakes upon which you can trust in case you brake hard and guess what? The braking on this car is spot on, even under hard braking, there is no sign of brake fade or anything.

Quick question: Can you guess the company from which the engine in the Levante Trofeo has been sourced?? Take a guess

The engine has been sourced from Ferrari!!! Sending the car through corners, you get a sense of predictability i.e. you know what the car is going to do the next moment and for a driver, this is a major factor because driving an SUV which is unpredictable is dangerous and violates the safety both of the driver and the passengers. Another thing, I love about the Levante is the way it pulls it pulls just like the track and it sounds insane just like the Trackhawk. It has the most unique V8 sound out of all the cars you will hear that have V8’s under the hood.


Maserati is owned by FCA has taken the interior stuff from other FCA cars. It’s recognizable. The Levante Trofeo has been focused on luxury and thus all the materials inside the car are top-notch materials that you would find on other Italian cars. The interior hasn’t been designed with a minimalistic approach as we saw on the GT but it doesn’t hinder the look of the car from the inside. The buttons and the screen has been placed well and they function smoothly like a butter. The interior has also been insulated to a level that you hear very little noises from the outside, it’s good for the road noises but it’s bad for the beautiful noise that engine makes, you can hear it but not as loud as you can hear it from the outside. Now talking about the driving modes, you get traction control off to go wild and have fun with the car, being a proper SUV, it does get an off-road mode but the best mode is the Sport Corsa mode which is the fastest mode in which the shifting becomes fast. There are beautiful carbon fiber paddles behind the steering wheel which not only look good but functional greatly as well. The carbon-fiber elements inside the interior lift the interior level to a different level. You also have the I.C.E mode, no it doesn’t stand for internal combustion engine it stands for increased control and efficiency mode which is for increasing the efficiency of the car, so you can extract a good mpg from the car.


The Levante Trofeo is a great SUV, it's fast, it’s Italian and it looks super aggressive and elegant. Moreover, its 30,000 $ affordable than the base Lamborghini Urus, the Lamborghini Urus is an overpriced version of the Audi RS Q8, I have said this before and I am saying it again but if you still want a full size, fast Italian SUV that looks cool and sounds great then no look further than the Levante Trofeo.

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