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If you scroll down and look at one of the first posts I wrote about the Go anywhere Suv, The Jeep Wrangler (, the response that post was really good, also when I thought of taking notice at my posts, I saw that I had almost stopped discussing off-road vehicles from a long time. Also, I don't know if you happen to know this or not, but I love all types of cars, performance, practical, off-road, everything and that's why you will at least 1 or 2 posts regarding every kind of vehicle on Motordrift.

And thus today we are going to be discussing a vehicle that has probably destroyed the market of Jeep Wrangler in India, I will proud to say this that Mahindra has launched the all-new 2020 Thar which is as capable if not less as the Jeep Wrangler for about 1/5th the price.

Also, you might remember about the issue I talked about regarding the price of Imported cars In India, so the Jeep wrangler costs much more than what it needs to cost and Indian off-road enthusiasts like me wanted a capable yet affordable Go anywhere SUV and with the That Mahindra has made this possible. So let's start the review!


The Design might remind you of the Wrangler cause the Design of the Thar has been inspired by the Wrangler so it would be fair for me to say the Thar as the Desi-Wrangler. The Wide Wheel arches of the Thar give it that super Tough Masculine look. The Front Bumper has a Huge space in front of it, what I think that Mahindra has left some space in the front bumper to give space for a Winch, which is very resourceful in the off-roading world.

The front grille design is unique to the Thar and gives it a unique identity. The Lights have been placed in the perfect spot and they are bright enough to lit the road at nights, the foglights have been perfectly integrated into the Bumper and they have a nice visual appeal.

The Thar comes in a 3 door variant and the silhouette is a hybrid of the Suzuki Jimny and the Wrangler. The Design of the wheels is Subtle yet cool. The Spare wheel on the rear of the car is a classic design quo.

From the design perspective, the Thar looks Very promising, let's see if it's impressive under the hood as well.

Engine & Performance:-

I still remember the times when people always commented that Indian cars aren't powerful, but with time we learned, from making 45 Horsepower Maruti Gypsies to 152 Horsepower Mahindra Thar we have come a long way and there is a long way to go.

The Mahindra mStallion engine which is a petrol engine puts out 152 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque and the if you choose to go for the diesel engine which is also a 2.0 liter BS6 engine puts out 130 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque, these numbers are healthy for a vehicle that weighs just around 1700 Kgs, for an off-road vehicle that's not heavy, that's light.

Now Mahindra offers the choice of a 6-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed automatic transmission as well along with a manual shift AWD transfer case to shift into your off-road modes through varying the power delivery to the axles.

Mahindra has also nailed the suspension department, the Thar glides like a Dolphin on off-road and goes butter smooth on roads as well, which is not the case with Off-road vehicles.


Mahindra's goal with the New Gen Thar is to attract customers from both areas, the off-road enthusiasts and the daily public and thus Interior was a section of the car that has to be as comfortable as possible.

The interior has been laid out very well, the Vents have been placed in the center to direct the Air conditioning to the whole cabin. The Cabin has loads of space for the driver as well as the passengers.

There is a proper sturdy grab handle on the passenger side which comes handy when doing serious off-roading. There are Thar badges all around the Cabin so you don't forget the name of the car you are seating in.

The egress and the ingress are quite easy on the Thar, the co-passenger seats get folded so that you can access the rear seats of the Thar. the Thar's rear seat now strictly accommodate 2 individuals so the Thar is a 4 seater car

The dials are perfect visually and the quality of materials on the Thar has been raised by a Huge margin, it feels much more premium and much richer to Drive.


The Thar is one of the first attempts made by an Indian Manufacturer to make a proper 4X4 SUV and it's Phenomenal, to say the least.

Mahindra hasn't launched the Price tag but I suppose that the car will be priced reasonably and it would sell in huge numbers because Mahindra has nailed the Thar

That's it for this time, Thank you, I trust you liked this if you did then do share it with your friends and do consider Subscribing to Motordrift for more such posts in the future.


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