So, we are finally at the end of the road, the final internal combustion engine car by Lotus. Never in my wildest dreams had I expected that Lotus would turn electric before 2030, but here we are.

The name of this creation of course starts with E, it’s Emira. The name Emira means a “commander” or a Leader, which the emirate certainly is as it is the last of the lot.

The first thought you might have would be why did Lotus decide to do this so quickly, why did they closed their sportscars within a year and launched their last IC offering, why are they going so fast?

Well, the answer is simple. Business. Today, as we all can see, the electric car industry has unlimited potential and the profits are huge. We all witnessed a company going on being almost bankrupt to being the world’s most valued automaker, yes, I am talking about Tesla.

And that’s why every manufacturer now wants to be a part of the Ev revolution since there is so much money in it and we have to understand that lotus isn’t a mass vehicle manufacturer, it’s not a very big company and they don’t make as much money as these other companies by selling a few sportscars a year.

The thing that we all can be sure about is that despite lotus into electric, it won’t change the fact that they are still going to make good cars, it’s just that this time those good cars won’t be gas-powered they would be electric.

Now, lotus is one of those companies that keeps working on their long-term projects. The evija was a surprise to the world but they had been working on that car for the past few years thus following the same logic, it is for sure that lotus is developing a whole line-up of electric cars.

The car was presented at the Goodwood festival of speed on the 6th of July and lotus unveiled some more details about the car.

So, the layout of the car is the same as other lotus sportscars, mid-engined, rear-wheel drive. But the interesting thing is that you have got engine options this time, they are 2 engines that are being offered and you can get your emira with the one you like.

You can either get a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that is sourced from amg or you can get a 3.5-liter supercharged v6 Toyota engine. I think you all already know which engine I am going to go with, tha3.5-liter engine from Toyota just sounds more interesting.

Regarding transmission you have got 3 options, you can either get the good old 6-speed manual transmission with the V6 engine, or you can get a 6-speed automatic transmission, but if you go with the amg engine, you can only get an 8-speed dct transmission which needless to say is going to be fast af, can’t even imagine how quick it would while upshifting and downshifting.

So, everyone, that will be all for the lotus emira, I trust you liked this one, if you did then do share it with your friends and do consider subscribing to Motordrift for more such content in the future.

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