Car enthusiasts around the world love to do track days, going around the corners by precisely handling the car such that it doesn’t over or understeers. It’s a dream for many and overall it improves the driving skills of the person. But the problem that arises amongst car enthusiasts is that road cars aren't entirely designed for tracks, and thus doing a track day in a road car isn’t as enjoyable as doing it a track legal car. So, what is a track legal car? A car that doesn’t have any comfort features and is making not approved by the road transport organization is a non-road legal car. Track cars are bare-bones racing cars. They are a no-nonsense car that requires the driver to be skilled. There are various examples of track-only cars, such as the Ferrari FXX-K, the track-only version of the road-going LaFerrari. Then there are the GT3 cars that are derived from their road-going siblings. The McLaren 570s GT4 is a good example of a road derived racecar. Lamborghini also thought of stepping into making a track-only car of its own. That car ladies and gentlemen is called the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Before we move any further, let me tell you the significance of the name of this car. You see, this car is made entirely of carbon, the body, the prop shaft, and even the seats, and in the periodic table of elements, the sixth element is carbon. Sesto Elemento translates to the sixth element in Italian. It has a 5.2 liter N.A. V10 that puts out 570 Hp and 540 Nm of torque. In a car that weighs less than a 1000 Kgs or roughly about 2200 pounds, that’s a lot. The result is a car that accelerates from 0 to 60 Mph in the same time as a Bugatti Chiron, yes you heard it right, as fast as a Bugatti Chiron and that’s 2.5 seconds, we are talking hypercar territory here. 200kmph takes less than 8 seconds and this car has a higher top speed than the current halo car of Lamborghini, the Aventador SVJ by 6kmph, which is a significant difference. It has no dashboard, pieces of stuff of seat has been glued to the seat for weight savings. The rims are carbon fiber as well. The paint on this car is not actual paint, it’s a sort of amalgam that’s been mixed with carbon fiber and applied over the car. Lamborghini closely worked with Boeing on this car, I think that should be enough to say about the level of engineering that has been gone through in the making of this car. The car has a fixed carbon-fiber wing at the back which helps in adding downforce over the car. People who have driven this car or even sat in one have commented that “This is the most agile car they have ever been in. It turns faster than most of the supercars and hypercars out there.

The significance behind the making of this car was that Lamborghini wanted to give the world an idea of what they are capable of making if they are given a chance to make a track-only car of their own. Only 20 have been made around the whole world and when it was launched the base price was 1.85 Million pounds, that’s a ridiculous amount of money. But, if you take into consideration the engineering and the driving experience of this car, and over that the exclusivity of it, you will understand why does it cost so much.

The people who own this car, know what a marvelous piece of engineering they have in their possession and they respect it.

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