Lamborghini’s, the Italian raging bull makes some of the most spectacular cars on the planet. You know that already. But this time we are going to discuss a car that’s been termed as a modern classic, an analog supercar. No, it hasn’t got a manual, but when you have a naturally aspirated V12 behind, no radio, and almost no electronic aids, you really do neglect the fact of the car not having a manual. The Car in the discussion today is the predecessor of the Aventador, the Murcielago. And not your standard one, I am going to talk about the last version of this car that left the Lamborghini headquarters. The Murcielago LP 670-4, it’s a car that is said to be the wildest and the fastest Lamborghini ever made before the Aventador. So, let’s take a look at this legend of a car.


The Murcielago was designed at a time when Lamborghini focused on Functionality than looks, that doesn’t mean they were bad designers, they just were more rational in their design approach. The Murcielago Sits lower and looks angrier than its younger brother the LP 640. And if you see the car in bright orange color, the design feature starts to stand out. Lamborghini added that fixed-wing in the back over the Murcielago to give it more downforce and stability while cornering, it also accentuates the rear quite a lot. The center exhaust layout remains unchanged. You can see the doors and the curves speaking to you SV, which translates to Super Veloce in Italian, which further translates to “Super-fast” and indeed it is. The asymmetrical side intakes on the standard Murcielago have also made their way onto the SV. The front splitter and the rear diffuser have some added carbon fiber accents to them and seriously bring out the monster within this car alive.

Engine & Performance:-

A 6.5 liter Naturally aspirated Italian V12 that puts out 670 Horsepower just imagine the sheer momentum at which this car accelerates. Torque isn’t too shabby either at 660Nm. Being all-wheel drive, as the name suggests the SV launches like a rocket, it’s one of the fastest cars you will ever experience. You get pushed back to the maximum extent and your head just remains straight enough to look on to the road. 0 to 60 Mph in just 3.2 seconds. That’s almost the same as a Ferrari Enzo and the Ferrari Enzo was considered to be the fastest car money can buy. The SV handles like a charm, it’s so good that it lapped the Top gear test track in 1 Min 19 Seconds dead, and that time was faster than the Ferrari Enzo. Despite the Murcielago SV being made specifically for the best track performance, it doesn’t stop it from achieving crazy top speed numbers. The Murcielago will top out at 340 Kmph and that’s about 212 Mph, when you consider that a McLaren 720s which is a modern supercar with more power and torque than the SV, while also being lighter achieves the same top speed as the SV, you really start to appreciate the engineering that has gone behind in the development of this car. The SV weighs at around 1665 Kgs, and I admit that it’s quite heavy, even after Lamborghini shaved around 100 kgs from the standard Murcielago, but don’t judge this machine just based on numbers, numbers alone don’t do justice to this car. Once you experience driving this car around a track, you don’t even care how much it weighs, you just want to own it. I don’t need to specify how good this car sounds, C’mon it’s a naturally aspirated V12. Probably one of the best sounding engines ever made by humans if not the best.


Since Lamborghini’s goal was to make the Murcielago as raw as possible, they didn’t focus much on the interior as their goal wasn’t to make a Lamborghini with the best interior. To shave off the 100 Kgs from the SV, Lamborghini replaced all the leather inside the car with Alcantara, the radio in the car was also deleted and I don’t mind that, because when you have that 6.5 liters Naturally aspirated V12 in the back that revs up to 8,500 Rpm, you really don’t care about the music because that engine behind you is generating enough music to keep you entertained. But you still have got some seat adjustments, a nice instrument cluster that’s easy to read, Air conditioning for cooling on hot days, and those lovely paddle shifters which take from 0 to heaven in no time.


Even though the SV was launched in 2010, it’s a car that will remind you of all the Old school Lamborghinis, the diablo, the Countach, even the Legendary Miura. It has got that old school charm in it. This is a really special car considering that the Aventador has got influenced by modern-day electronics. If someone is a Lamborghini Collector and they haven’t got the Murcielago SV, in what sense do they consider themselves Lamborghini Collectors? It’s a poster car for the kids that grew up at the same time I did and this car will remain a legend forever.

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