Hey guys, if you all recall we discussed the Lamborghini Huracan Performante about 3 months ago and you guys loved it so I thought of bringing you my review on a Lamborghini that’s more fun than the Performante but at the same time pays homage to its ancestors like the Murcielago, Gallardo, and others. No, it hasn’t got a V12 in it but it surely has that Lamborghini DNA which makes it such a wonderful car to drive. It’s not all-wheel drive like the other Lamborghini’s which we are used to seeing its rear-wheel drive, and it has got those Italian Bulls backing it up.

It’s the Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD, the 600 BHP V10 Rocket that will take from 0 to heaven in just 3.3 seconds, sure it’s not as fast as the Huracan Performante but the thing is that it isn’t trying to be like it’s All-wheel Drive Brother, it’s trying to create an identity of its own and I have to say it does that perfectly. The design of the car remains mostly unrevised compared to the older Huracan, the exhaust placement has surely been derived from the Performante to improve the aerodynamics. The previous Huracan models even the Performante did two things when you were approaching a corner, they would either understeer into the Bushes or head straight into the corner, the Evo RWD is a bit different, since all the power is being delivered through the rear wheels, the Evo RWD slides sideways along its rear, flicks its tail and then attacks the corner fiercely, it’s a different animal. Some other noticeable design changes that you might recognize in the Evo RWD are the changes in the design of the brake discs, they are not in the standard circular shape, they look more like the Petal disc brakes that are used on motorcycles, and also their design stands out and makes them look more accentuated. The Car comes standard with Steel brakes, not Carbon Ceramics, it’s not a bad thing because the steel brakes have a strong bite to them and they are probably the only thing that could put a leash to this 600BHP beast, also steel brakes wear out less and usually last longer than your carbon ceramics so it’s kind of pocket friendly too.

Since the driver spends most of his/her time inside the car, it’s worth talking about, the interior is more updated, you will find the same engine start/stop button that looks like something used to launch Nuclear missiles, an awkward-looking reverse lever, Lamborghini surely can’t do something normally, they always like to add their design DNA to everything and thus the Alien looking reverse lever, the switches to look like something derived from a fighter jet or something. The steering wheel has those beautifully crafted aluminum paddle shifters, the feeling when you use them to upshift and downshift is so surreal. Lamborghini claims that the Huracan Evo RWD will do 0 to 200 Kmph in just 9.3 seconds that’s quite fast. Even though the car is predominantly rear-wheel-drive it never struggles for traction, like never. It can do constant launches all day long. Most of the cars today end their magic at 3,000 or 4,000 Rpm, this Bull doesn’t start to show its party tricks until 5,000 Rpm and it will redline up to 8,500 Rpm that’s insane. Quarter mile in just 11.2 seconds considering the Tarmac is good enough. Top speed remains unchanged at 202 Mph, the same as the Huracan Performante. The moment those valves open at higher RPMs this car becomes a different animal, Lamborghini never disappoints with its exhausts (except the Urus), and we all know that. Some people might say this car isn’t as raw as the previous Lamborghini’s but you got to understand that despite the number of regulations the Evo RWD still manages to stay true to its Italian DNA. The Huracan EVO RWD is a car in which you can cruise all in the streets of Italy while admiring the beauty of this car and enjoying the ride, or you can change to Corsa mode and rush to your nearby tracks to break lap times. That’s the true power of this car its versatility.

The Huracan Evo Rwd is a Car that’s made for the present generations while keeping maintain the legendary legacy of the previous Italian Bulls that have stepped into the Arena. Few cars still offer you a Naturally aspirated engine, buy them while you still can cause this car might be one of the very last of its kind.

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