The car we discussed last time was the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 580, the response it got was stellar, and your responses mean a lot, that’s what inspires to keep pushing content for you all. Today we are going to discuss another Lamborghini, a Lamborghini that didn’t get much love from the public but was an Engineering feat in the history of Lamborghini. The car isn’t too old, it came about the same time as the Murcielago SV LP 670. This Car had 100 fewer horses than the Murcielago SV….. Still, guessing? The car in the spotlight today is the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. The all-wheel-drive version of the Gallardo and the most powerful version as well. It had quite a big impact and the best thing about the car is that it retains its value to date. We will go over the various aspects of this car and will also discuss why most car enthusiasts didn’t quite want it. Design:- The Lamborghini Gallardo was launched in the year 2003. It was named after the Italian fighting bull. The Gallardo was launched at a time when the internet was just taking off. The design and the supercar characteristics of the Gallardo made it a Poster car for everyone. Every child had a photo of the Lamborghini Gallardo in their desktop. And during its production of over 10 years, it gained a lot of following from around the world. The Superleggera got a wing at its rear which enhanced the supercar looks of the car even more. The Gallardo also became an escape for people who couldn’t afford to have a Murcielago. It was the affordable supercar dream and still is for many. The intakes at the front got larger to allow more air to the car to breathe. The side intakes got bigger as well to cool the engine. From the side, most of the things on the Superleggera look unchanged except the Superleggera sticker that has been added to it. Wheel design as you might have noticed is much more aggressive than the previous Gallardo’s. The profile of the car has become much sleeker, the side mirrors especially. From the rear, the quad exhausts have accentuated the look of the car and when combined with the wing in the rear it looks even more menacing. Engine & Performance:- The First generation Gallardo had a 5.0 liter naturally aspirated V10. But if that wasn’t exciting enough for everyone, they updated it to a 5.2 Litre naturally aspirated V10. The Gallardo Superleggera had the 5.2 Litre One. Can you guess the power?? Let me give you a hint ;P It had 10 fewer horses than the first generation Lamborghini Murcielago, btw I have also reviewed the first generation Lamborghini Murcielago ( ), check it out and do tell your opinions about it. The Gallardo Superleggera had 570 Ps or 562 Horsepower and 540 Nm of torque. If you have noticed it carefully, there is another car that has the same performance numbers and is the arch-rival of the Gallardo Superleggera. The Ferrari 458, it’s a great car too, we will discuss it some other day. The Superleggera did 0 to 60 Mph in just 3.2 seconds, faster than a Pagani Huayra, and had a top speed of 204 Mph. That’s a really fast car and do I even need to mention the music that the engine of this car generates. That V10 sounds so freaking good. Especially during launch control, it might happen to be one of the best sounding modern day V10 engine. Being a modern Lamborghini it has all the Driving modes like Corsa, Strada, and sports. The Superleggera didn’t have an option of Manual Transmission, it was kind of disappointing but considering that Lamborghini wanted this car to be the fastest of all the Gallardo’s, it had to have an automatic transmission. The car despite being all-wheel-drive oversteers a lot, thus making it quite a lot of fun driving, it has a pointier feeling to it, and it’s really sharp when driving on the road. Overall, it’s a really fun car to drive, but not more than the LP 550-2. Interior:- This might be the shortest description of the interior of a car because there isn’t anything to talk about. Firstly, the window in the Superleggera isn’t actually glass. It’s synthetic Polymer or simply Put plastic, for weight savings. Instead of leather, you will find Alcantara all over the interior of the car. Steering even though being electrically assisted has a nice feeling to it. The insulation between the driver and the engine has been reduced and thus you can hear more of the engine noise, even when you are sitting inside the car. In the center part of the car, is the Lamborghini Plaque engulfed in beautiful and shiny carbon fiber. The dials are well placed, they are easily readable and it displays enough information to keep the driver updated regarding what is going in the car. In the center console is the Mode selector, to select your driving modes, visibility is not too shabby and overall it’s well laid out. Conclusion:- The Gallardo Superleggera is an awesome car. It’s really fun to drive and is the best possible way Lamborghini could have waved the Gallardo a Goodbye. For me, I would still take the Gallardo LP 550-2 with a Manual gearbox, because it has all the fun I will ever need and it is more minimalistic in design, also it’s my first dream supercar to own, someday…………… Thank you for giving it a read. If you liked it, then share it with your friends and do consider subscribing to Motordrift. Ciao  

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