Which is the best sounding engine right now available in the market according to you?? Tell me in the comments below. If we don’t consider Hypercars because of their Super Exclusivity, the answer would probably be a V10 or a V12, I choose V12. Now we know, Italians make some of the best V12 engines in the world.

Now we have two options, Ferrari Or Lamborghini, if you want a GT, then there is the 812 Superfast, but if you want a wild-looking track machine, the SVJ is the answer. Also, if you want to get the most attention, the Aventador is the answer.

But as we know that the SVJ is Super exclusive, 900 will be built and most of them have been sold out. So, considering you are a normal being like me, the Aventador S is the only viable option remaining and I am sure you want to know that how does the Aventador S still stack up against other supercars even after almost 9 ½ years of its launch. So, let’s dive into the review without any further ado.

Design: -

If I or anyone would have to derive the design of the Aventador S in one word, the answer would be probably “Wild” or it’s synonyms. That’s evident. If you visit the Lamborghini website right now, the motto through which Lamborghini sells the Aventador is “Dare your Ego”, do you know the reason behind it? No, but are you interested?

Then have look at the car from a ¾ point of view, and you will have your answer. Trust me on this, the Lamborghini Aventador has been the dream supercar for many, me too, I dream of owning an SVJ 63 someday. The Updates regarding the design of the Aventador S over the standard Aventador has been minuscule, and thus it is 95% the same Aventador that roared the streets of Italy on 28th February 2011, when the Aventador was launched.

From the front, the only visible change is the division of air vents, instead of two huge vents on either side, the Aventador S has two vents that have been divided by two winglets like structure, that help in channeling the air, so in another way, we can say that the Aventador S has better aerodynamics than the Aventador.

The rest of the car is the same, from the side air intakes to the exhaust outlet in the rear.

Engine & performance: -

The Magnificent V12 hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s still there, the 6.5 liters Naturally Aspirated V12, it has just received a power bump of 30 Bhp, the Aventador when it first came out had 690 Horsepower or 700 CV.

So, the V12 in the Aventador S now produces 730 Horsepower and 690 Nm of torque. Now If you are thinking that how does Lamborghini manages to extract a little bit more power from the engine, then it’s no rocket science, the bore and the stroke are slightly tweaked such that it results in a high compression ratio.

A high compression ratio results in a power bump, but the torque remains pretty much the same. The performance of the Aventador S is the same as the Aventador, 0 to 60 Mph in 2.9 seconds, and a 350 Kmph of top speed.

Weight distribution is 47:53 which means that the car is heavy at the rear end, so on a slippery day when the traction on the road isn’t that much, the Aventador S despite all-wheel drive might oversteer which is fun, till the car is under your control.

The wheelbase of the car is 106 inches which are neither too long nor too short, thus resulting in High-speed stability and agility around the corners. There is a rule of thumb when deciding the wheelbase in designing cars which I have formulated myself: -

“Longer the wheelbase, higher the stability but lesser the agility. Shorter the wheelbase, the lesser the stability but the higher the agility”

So, in the end, the number which strikes the perfect balance between stability and Agility is chosen.

In the end, the sound, do I even need to talk about it, be it the lower RPMs or at the redline, the Aventador S sounds as wild as it looks.

Interior: -

Now, we know that the interior of the Aventador was old even at the time when it was launched, but now it’s obsolete, to say the least.

The only thing that is keeping the Aventador S alive is its Badge and its performance. The Aventador is still one of the few cars that have an engine in its purest form, no forced induction like Turbochargers or Superchargers neither it has been hybridized.

The changes in the interior of the Aventador S are not too much, the stitching on the seats has been changed, the options for colors has increased and that’s pretty much all, rest of the things are same as the Aventador.

The price for the Aventador is around 5.7 crores In India, which is the same as buying two AMG GT R’s. If you want to buy the Roadster or the SVJ, the price is even more, also the demand for the Aventador is still crazy as it was years ago.

Conclusion: -

The Aventador S is still the wild raging bull from Italy, it still hasn’t grown old, it still is one of the loudest stock cars in the market. Even though the interior of the car might have become obsolete, the Love for this car has only increased over time as it is one of the last Naturally Aspirated V12’s.

That’s it for this time, thank you for giving this a read. I trust you liked it, if you did then do share it with your friends do consider subscribing to Motordrift for more such posts in the future.


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