Hey you, what’s up, yesterday I received an email regarding the cars about which I posted, you wanted me to write about an affordable performance car, a car that has enough performance for you to enjoy and have fun and has enough practicality to carry your kids to school and according to the budget you provided no car does this all with ease. It’s from a country that engineers and makes some of the best affordable cars in the world, with this car they have tried to enter the performance car market and what to say they have nailed it, for a first time attempt at making an affordable and practical performance car, this brand has done very well. The brand is Kia from South Korea and the car in the spotlight today is the Kia Stinger GT.


After looking at the stinger GT, all I could think was of a meme and it goes like this:-

This is the truth according to me, I don’t know about your opinions on the design of this car are but these are mine. The design not only is aggressive but is beautiful in a bright color under the beautiful morning sun. The lines of the car flow from the front to the rear smoothly and the rear is streamlined just like a coupe but guess what, it doesn’t compromise in the headroom area in the rear despite being a coupe, that’s how functional the design is. The quad exhaust in the rear stand out and all I can say is that from the rear you might confuse this car for a super saloon if I remove the badge. Right from the designs of the wheels to the headlights, everything has been designed in such a way that all the onlookers can do is see this car in awe.

Engine and performance:-

Done with the looks, now let’s see what it packs under that hood. A 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 that puts out 365 Horsepower and 376 Pound ft. of torque, so it’s pretty evident that it is fast. Acceleration is one of the strongest points of the stinger GT because it competition cars are way too slower than the stinger GT, 0 to 60 Mph in just 4.7 seconds which is superior to competing models like the Porsche Panamera RWD V6 which takes 5.4 seconds and the Audi A5 Sportback which takes 5.7 seconds. Going to the Corner the stinger It feels composed and when in Sport mode it handles like a proper track car, the adaptive suspension also allows for the ride to be not so bumpy. The car is said to be an all-wheel-drive but it’s predominantly RWD, the power bias has been set to about 80% in the rear and 20% in the front. The ability of this car is the car to handle so well while keeping the passengers inside comfortable and safe is what makes the Kia stinger GT so desirable, it’s a perfect daily driver and you can even use it for highway cruising if you want. The Stinger GT is a versatile car in a Nutshell. You might have also noticed some vents around the car, some in the hood, and some in the side, those are there to cool the engine. As for the vents on the side, they direct the air towards the rear of the car to minimize drag and make the car as slippery as possible, now that’s some serious engineering going on, also with those angry and loud sounding rear exhausts the driving experience gets amplified, you can even switch modes to not listen to it, but I don’t think enthusiasts like you and me would ever not want to hear the exhaust sound.


As good as it looks on the outside and as well as it performs, it really has an important duty to live up to when coming to the interior and it does it very well. From the layout of the whole dashboard and the individual components to the seat positioning, everything is just spot on. Practicality is really good as there is space for you to hold your drinks in the cup holders. Infotainment system I probably the best for the year it got launched. The positioning is so perfect that the driver can operate the infotainment without taking eyes off the road, android auto and apple car play come as standard. The worst issue in modern cars today is an infotainment system that lags, this problem doesn’t exist in the stinger. Wireless charging is a feature that’s becoming more and more desirable nowadays, the Stinger GT has it. Paddle shifters allow for easy shifting and the steering wheel has just the right amount of weight to it.


It’s one of the best cars if not the best car that exists in the market for its price and for the things it does. When you first listen to the price it almost seems to be unreal. I don’t know what Kia will roll out in the future but Kia has the potential to revolutionize the whole car industry.

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