Ever wondered what going fast means with your family? Yes, you heard it right. Just imagine going at 180 Mph on the Road with your family enjoying fast and furious in the back seat comfortably. Now picture to go on the track slamming lap records in the same track, how about a little off-roading, how about dropping your kids off to school, all in the same car. This would seem very unlikely to happen in the real world and you would be thinking that I am a fool for dreaming all this. What if I tell you that there is a car that can do all this. Though it might be on the expensive side for most of the people. Leaving the cost factor aside, this car can do things that others can’t even dream of (At least not at $100,000 price tag). The car I am talking about today is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. It’s the SUV that most of us can only dream of. The performance it offers and the versatility of this vehicle are unmatched and no vehicle can offer you all of this. To add a cherry to the whole car is the looks. The command has over the roads, the attention that it commands is unlike any other vehicle. Let’s talk about the thing that makes it this expensive. It’s the 6.2 Litre Supercharged V8 engine that pushes out 707 horsepower, yeah this officially makes the Trackhawk the most powerful SUV on earth and this is the same engine used in the challenger and the charger. Since it’s supercharged, the torque numbers are crazy as well. 645 Pound-feet to be precise that converts to about 845 Nm of torque. These are supercar defying Numbers. To give you all an idea of how fast this SUV is. It’s faster than a McLaren 570s till about 100 Mph and let me remind you, it’s a supercar. The fact that a jeep with aerodynamics close to brick is standing and competing with a supercar that costs about twice as much as it alone is super impressive. Since this is a Family SUV, comfort is one of the utmost priorities. The driver and the co-passenger seat are very comfortable, the rear seats, not so much. Seating on the rear seats feels like you are searing on a wooden log, it’s quite hard for your rear. Talking about comfort features, you have the option of heated, cold, and ventilated seats. The Nappa leather all around the interior gives it a premium feel, the interior feels so much luxurious that the best compliment I can give it is that it is on par with the Rolls Royce Cullinan. The infotainment system is well loaded, it’s a bit laggy but it’s not irritative. The aluminum finishing around the door sills adds a premium feel to the car. The one thing that I don’t like in the interior is the chrome treatment around the center console, rest is fine. The boot space in this car is enormous, it’s so large that jeep could have probably fitted the 3rd row of seats if they wanted to. One of the things that would surprise you a lot in the trackhawk is the way it handles corners. I have seen other SUVs that are great around the corners, but for an SUV that has 0 aerodynamic sense weighs almost 2.5 tonnes and still handles like a lightweight sports car around the corners is seriously impressive. This is just an indication of how great this car is from an engineering perspective. The AWD setup and the massive Pirelli tires help this monster to accelerate from 0 to 60Mph in 3.5 seconds!!!! That’s almost as quick as a Pagani Huayra. The trackhawk will do the quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds, that’s just a glimpse of the capability of this car. It even has a freaking Launch control which is going to give you a serious neck pain if you intend on using it every time you drive the car because the acceleration is neck-breaking. The suspension is equipped with best in class Bilstein shocks which help in making the ride comfortable. The multi-piston Brembo calipers have a strong biting force and you can feel the force with which this car stops. There are different modes to drive, the custom mode lets you choose all the things in whichever you want. I am a technical guy and I like to do the math on things. I have done the math on the Trackhawk as well. The thing that you are about to hear will take some time to digest, there are 729 ways of configuring the modes in the trackhawk. I would like to end it there. This car is an engineering marvel, a car that can do so many things, it gives a glimpse of how far humans have come in terms of engineering and technology. That’s it for this time guys Hope you liked it Thanks Ciao.

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