Cars today are stuffed with a load of electronics, be it your 15,000$ Ford fiesta or 1 Million $ McLaren Senna. There aren’t cars anymore that are stripped out of any Electronics, are light, and are just about pure driving enjoyment. They don’t simply make any more of these. Just among the ongoing usual busy life around the world. Anthony Jannarelly a car designer, thought of bringing his dream car to life, as he couldn’t find a car that was in any way even closer to what he wanted. For those of you, who don’t Mr. Anthony Jannarelly, here is a bit of context. He is the same guy who designed the Lykan hyper sport and the Fenyr supersport for W motors in the U.A.E. So we can say that he has got some pretty good experience at designing cars. The main motive with which Jannarelly set out to design the car was, to make a Light Car (devoid of any electronics), with decent horsepower, A naturally aspirated engine, and a manual gearbox. After months of Brainstorming and working, the Jannarelly Design 1 was born. When you sit inside the car, the first thing you notice is that all the control switches are within your reach, and all the vital information that the driver needs is in front. The Engine of the Car has been sourced from Nissan. It’s a 3.5 Litre naturally Aspirated V6 from the 350Z. There is also an option for an automatic transmission, but would anyone buy this car without a manual transmission, I don’t think so. You will feel special the moment when you see through the Gearbox Linkage while gear shifting. It looks so clean and elegant. And the feeling of shifting gears with that Engine in the back is mesmerizing. You can spec the Car in 3 unique design profiles. The Engine makes a healthy 325 Horsepower and 273 Pound feet of torque, and when you start to consider that this car weighs just 950 Kg with the roof, you realize that this car is pretty quick. It would do 0 to 100 in sub 4 seconds and would go on to a top speed of 135 Mph. Now I know, that considering the Horsepower this car has, some of you might be thinking that why the top speed is not that great, well you need to understand that this car is not made for outright top speeds. It’s made for the time when you want to feel special when you just want to experience the raw driving feel when you want to feel like you are a part of something special. The ingress and egress port on this car might be a bit of back pain as the process is quite unusual. The car is small in size as opposed to the pictures in which it looks huge. The wide wheel arches, the smooth flowing lines, blacked out spoke rims are all created with the idea of giving homage to the early 1960’s Le man racing cars. The cabin of the car is tight. There is leather padding on the seats, which makes them comfortable. You have the option of Bluetooth connectivity. You get air conditioning as well, which is a must if you are driving it in the afternoon of a hot summer Sunday. The tires on this car are Pirelli’s. The footprint at the rear of the car is wide, which helps in gaining just the right amount of Grip. If you want to make your even lighter, you can have some expensive carbon fiber options and then the car is good for 850 Kgs. The ultimate place where I would like to drive this car is on some curvy mountain roads, where this car would feel alive. Also if you take a moment to look at this car, you will realize how special this car is every possible way. It’s not just the driving experience, it’s the tribute that this car gives to the legendary classic racers that aren’t to be seen anymore. Till enthusiasts like Anthony Jannarelly are there, the Culture of building and driving Ultimate driver-focused won’t die anytime soon. Thank you, Anthony, for creating this wonderful piece of automotive art. We wish to see more of like these in the future. That’s it for this time guys Thank you Chao

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