Hey you, what’s up? Yesterday I received an email regarding naturally aspirated V8 cars and it sent me into deep thinking regarding the cars that still come up with an N.A. V8 engine and I was really surprised to see those very few cars today come with that engine and the rest of the cars have either turbocharged or hybridized engines. Americans can still buy the mustang fortunately but in the European and the Asian market, there weren’t any cars that provided the charm of a naturally aspirated V8 until….. Jaguar came out with the F type, a car with a high revving naturally aspirated V8 and all the characteristics of a GT car, sometime later consumers wanted a more raw version of the f type, a version that provides the driver with the ultimate pleasure, Jaguar took their time and came out with the SVR, the SVR stands for special vehicle operations if that wasn’t cool enough, Jaguar gave the car more power and made it louder. Let’s not waste any further time and dive straight into it.


As wild it may look, the SVR has a different command and attention to it. Someone may think it be a European version of the Corvette, the reality can’t be far away from this. All I can say is that the SVR takes its beauty from the standard F type and its aggressiveness is a blend of the power and the aerodynamic upgrades that the jaguar has performed over it. Inlets in the hood clearly indicate the cooling that’s required to cool that massive engine. The focus with the SVR was not to have a high top speed it was to make a track car that provides the driver with the ultimate driving experience, and that’s what it is trying to do. The rear spoiler is fixed and is not retractable, the reason being that a retractable wing system can add a lot of weight to the car about 100 pounds and that is not good when you are trying to break lap records with the car. The quad rear exhaust, may not look very large but are indeed very loud, in fact, it’s so loud that I had to turn down the volume, which is usually never done. Everything you can see on the body of the car serves a purpose, all the lines curves, and aero bits you see are functional. Do you want to see how capable the SVR is?? Go on YouTube and see the SVR literally overtaking 43 cars in just its first lap of the Nurburgring, if that doesn’t define its capability I don’t know what will.

Engine and performance:-

Now let’s see what really makes this car so special. A 5.0 liter Naturally aspirated V8 engine that produces 567 Horsepower and 516 Pound ft. of torque right on the pressing of the throttle. This engine is the most powerful engine to come out of Jaguar. Power is transmitted to the road through all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission that shifts lightning quickly. What makes the handling of this car s surreal is the inclusion of an electronic active differential with torque vectoring. Torque vectoring is a phenomenon that we as humans apply almost daily in our lives and don’t even know it. In the case of cars like the SVR, what happens is the when the car is taking a hard right turn while cornering at high speeds, the engine stops sending torque to the left wheels and rather applies brakes over them, simultaneously the engine provides maximum torque to the right wheels while ensuring that the car doesn’t under or oversteers. The car is all-wheel drive ensures that the car never struggles for traction. This also provides the SVR with its superfast acceleration of just 3.7 seconds to reach 62Mph. And it will go to a top speed of almost 200Mph. That is very impressive considering that there are cars that exist that have more power and are lighter than the SVR but find it hard to even crack 190 Mph. I am going to say this again but I can’t believe how the SVR can actually be so loud, it’s literally as loud as the V8 Race-cars one sees in Le- Mans. Jaguar has engineered this car to be so versatile that I can’t praise the engineers behind this car enough. Designing a car that’s so loud, performs so well, and can actually do other jobs like being a daily driver while keeping with the supercars that are a lot expensive than the SVR is amazing.


The SVR has essentially been lifted from a Standard F type, so the interior is pretty much the same. The seats have been well-bolstered and provide the driver with an ample amount of comfort and support. Everything that was leather in the F type has now been replaced with Alcantara. You can add some carbon fiber as well for more money and you have got the Cool Ac vents that go up, a sunroof that you manually have to open up. The parking system on this car is really good, it probably has the best HD resolution camera I have ever seen in a car. Since the SVR is a supercar that’s meant for the track, paddle shifters are a must and the SVR has them, only thing is that the notches are too sharp, so sharp that you might end up cutting your finger, but I don’t find it as big of an issue when the whole car as a package is so desirable. The gauge cluster has been really well laid out. Gear display is right in the middle though I personally prefer to have the tachometer in the center, the speedometer is in the left and all of these things are very easy to read no problem be it day or night. Practicality is really good for a supercar that shouldn’t be even legal for the load for the exhaust noise it generates, but would I want it quieter? Never, The Louder, the better.


To end this blog about the SVR, I would say that this car is one of the best Super Bargains that are available in the market right now. The SVR starts at around 124,000 $ which’s even more affordable than the AMG GT which is termed as a V8 sports car. I don’t see a reason why a person who loves the V8 engine won’t buy this car except if he has the obvious money problem. If I were in the market and I could buy only one car, I would rather put in some extra money and buy the 911 GT3 Manual, but if I had the money to buy two cars I would buy this car definitely and the 911 GT3 without a second thought.

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